PostHeaderIcon 5 things to remember while moving

house movingHouse shifting is a huge deal foe many as they dwell in rented houses. Even if you are shifting from a rented house to a new and permanent one, shifting is a headache. For the people who have to do it, here a few things you need to keep in mind while moving:

1. throw away things you don’t need

Do not keep the packing process of packing due till very late. It is best to do the packing beforehand and at least by the day before you move. If you don’t do so, you will panic at the last moment and throw in everything in the boxes. Even things that you don’t need. Eliminate things that you will not need before you start packing. Decide what you want to do with the things you don’t need-throw or sell them.

2. Measure the new place

There may be instances where your furniture do not fit in the place you are moving to. So make sure that you measure the place and decide which furniture to put where according to the measurements of the room. Visit the place you are going to move to and take all the accurate measurements.

3. Get the help of a professional

You may have a lot of furniture or heavy furniture. Moving this all by you may end up in a sprained back or waist ache. When you hire a professional, loading, unloading and setting of goods become their problem and not yours. This way, they even insure your goods and you can be sure that in case of any damage during loading and unloading does not take a toll on you.

4. Inform the neighbors your moving date

This is to inform them that their area might face a bit of chaos due to the big trucks arriving and they can also be of help if they volunteer to help you unpack.

5. Box everything up

Putting your belongings in a box is a great idea because it makes the moving easier. When your things are boxed up, you can carry more than a box at a time. It might seem easier to you to just put everything in a bag and then carry it. But what you are forgetting is that a bag is something that puts everything together in a jumbled form and this might damage all the things. Pulling a bag can also be a struggle. In case you have little stuff, you can use medium or small bags. Tag each and every box. Put a list on each box mentioning the things that it contains and also write where it should be kept. This way it becomes easier to unpack after reaching your destination. These boxes are available in packs. Usually in packs of 10, they are available at any chain store near you and cost a maximum of $20. In case you want harder boxes, you can find them at the book stores. For some really heavy items, plastic crates are your only option.

PostHeaderIcon Tips For Choosing A Painting Contractor

Painting ContractorWhether it is your first time of hiring a painting contractor or you have done it before, you need to know that there are some good painters and some not that good a painter. You might be under the perception that painting is not anything difficult. However, that is wrong. Painting is a skill just like any other trade. It needs a good amount of knowledge and experience to be able to do it at a professional level. There is a lot that goes in to a quality job. The surface has to be properly prepared so that its ready to receive paint. The climate, traffic abuse and use of the area in question has to be kept in mind. So, to hire a professional that can handle all situations here are some tips that will help you find a quality painting contractor at a fair price.

• If you are a person who is only looking to spend as low as possible and does not care about the quality, this shall not be applicable. You should never go for the lowest bid with compromising quality. You do not want paint drips or specks of paint on your floors and furniture. Paint that gets thinned out and improper preparation work is a strict no-no. For quality work to be performed there has to be an adequate compensation. They shall charge you a little more but will take care of your and their reputation and not be churning out as many jobs as possible.

• You can ask people for references and then check them out. Many people though ask for references, they forget to check out about them. A company or contractor that provides you service and quality work at a fair price would want repeat business. They are confident and happy about any of their customers calling them back. They know that they have done good work and they shall only get positive reviews.

• There are painters association to which most good painting contractors are members. They all seek out for its membership to know and keep themselves updated about latest developments in their industry. So, a contractor with any such association should be on the top of the list. This also ensures that the contractor is committed to quality and constant improvement.

• You also need to ensure that the contractor you have been looking for is licensed and insured. It is a very important thing. There might be times that the painters are several stories up and they fall. The fall might cause some serious injuries or even death. And if this happens on your property you are responsible. This has no scope of negotiation. So, do not hire someone with inadequate insurance.

• Make sure that there is atleast one person that knows a common language in which you can communicate. There is always a possibility of them speaking their native languages which none of you might understand and comprehend. If regarding something either of you have questions, you should be able to adequately communicate.

PostHeaderIcon Easy Budget Decorating Ideas

Budget Decorating IdeasAre you looking forward to renovate your house before the summer arrives? Well, it is indeed a good idea. But if you don’t want to spend much money and still want a refreshed look for your sweet abode then you must follow some tips and guidelines. It is completely a myth that house decoration with its entirety depends upon a lot of money. Intelligent investment and planned moves can also give good results that can make your friends and relatives surprised.

Get a mind frame: Remember that renovating house with a limited budget is not a huge project to be worried about. Doing simple things can work wonderfully and you learn some tricks for that. First of all find out the corners of your house or furniture and article, which you want to get rid of completely. Make a list of that. Once you are done with it, then you will be able to play around the remaining things.

Garage shops: You must get a decent idea about the significance of the garage shops that sell cheap yet great looking objects to make your house renovated. If you don’t have the habit to visit the sale markets, start developing it now. Buy bits and pieces from these markets and give your home an alternative look. Storing hugely pricey things may not always make your house look awesome.

Change lampshades: Change the gaudy looking lights, lampshades of your house and replace them with simple looking lights. Stick to lights or lampshades that are sleek, nice and small and can be easily placed at any of the room of your house.

Wall paint: If you are bored with the traditional deep shades on your wall then time has come to change them. Summer is the season when you love seeing pale yet sweet colors around you. Don’t go for too much tacky shades, rather off white, lime, light purple, sky blue will not only make you feel refreshed but will add a soothing touch to your rooms.

Updating dressings of window: If during the winter and spring you have used heavy curtains with lots of layers and frills, now time has come to replace them with something light yet beautiful. You should keep those heavy curtains hang with the rest of your room decked up as cool as it could be for summer. Light windy curtains with soft colors like beige, white or refreshing green will give your room a great ambience. You can also install nice looking mini blinds in all the windows of your house.

Plant indoor trees: Install several small medicinal plants and shrubs in your house. Plant indoor plants and small bonsai trees to give your house a fresh look. Having a green view surrounding your home is also good for eyes and this also does not cost much.
So what are you waiting for, just follow these simple tips and give your home an entirely new look for the upcoming season.

PostHeaderIcon Cancel Out Unwanted Noise From Your Room

house soundproofingWhile designing or sketching out the internal part of any room one of the most vital feature to keep in mind is regarding the noise echo inside the room. Unnecessary sound can create a lot of distress and irritation to those people who are inside the room. It can also create a feeling of anxiety to those people who are working in an office environment. Not a single person will understand what the other person is trying to speak and this gives rise to a lot of puzzlement.

High decibel noise can be quite irritating and can be released from a surplus of possible sources like TV switched on in the room next to the door. Even though the device is either turned low in volume, the sound is heard through the walls from the other rooms. Such loud sound leaves a useless buzzing noise especially for those with thin skinned ears. We can take some good steps to eliminate these sounds.

• Noise canceling headsets- Nowadays many headsets are designed in such a way that it blocks out any irritating background sound for a purer resonance while listening to music. Without wearing them, they can stifle high frequency noise all around the room.

Musician’s earplugs- These earplugs can lower down the noise and even can flush out the frequencies. These earplugs are mainly intended for individual ear. It permits you to hear normal sounds and thereby is able to defend the inner part of the ear from damage. With this you will be able to hear other people talking and can even listen to music or other sounds but the unnecessary frequencies will be muted.

• Soundproofing- The only real solution to diminish noise or eliminate the transmission of high decibel sounds in your room is by soundproofing. In broader sense soundproofing simply dampens the sound by placing such items in the room which enables to lower down the sounds travelling beyond it. Soundproofing is particularly successful with high frequency noise.

There is some transmission medium through which the sounds transmits from one room to another- it is not air but most likely the woods and drywalls. These materials are very good conductors of sound. You can begin soundproofing by simply placing items like heavy rubber mats and carpets which helps to avoid high decibel sounds travelling around the room. You can also affix soundproofing runners for doors.

PostHeaderIcon 10 Best Swimming Pool Concepts & Designs

swimming poolSwimming is one of the coolest past times, especially during the summer days. It’s always refreshing to get yourself immersed in cold waters that assure a wonderful getaway from the scorching heat outside. Moreover, swimming offers a fantastic workout facility, reliving your soul and body with a cool dip. Interestingly, the contemporary innovative world has come up with some of the amazing swimming pool ideas to take a dive into- most of those you would be getting in the plush hotels around the globe. The article here presents a short note on ten best swimming pool concepts and designs today.

• Hanging swimming pool: After the hanging bridges and gardens, you have the hanging swimming pool now! If you own a hotel then a swimming pool in the recreation room with a portion of it jutting out is a cool idea which has been implemented by Joule Hotel in Dallas. Just imagine the enormous joy of having a magnificent city view right from the top of your hanging pool! You can try this piece of architect on your high rise rooftop too
• Bedroom pool: You can take a dip whenever you feel like without even having to go elsewhere. With beautiful white drapes surrounding it everywhere it just couldn’t get better.
• Guitar shaped pool: a pool in the shape of a guitar especially for music lovers or any shape as a matter of fact will look classy and different from the usual square or rectangular shape.
• Transparent pool: this design is coming in the trend a lot off late. It has a glass bottom and thus the person swimming inside the pool is able to see the room interiors depending on where the pool is located. It looks creative and makes you want to swim in it.
• Surfing pool: this pool is made for people who love to feel the natural surfing effects. It creates natural waves and enables surfing.
• Sterling pool: it’s a large pool with white pillars and beautiful shaded lights made especially for relaxing purpose. The lights and pillars make the pool look beautiful.
• Shehan pools: it’s a pool which uses tropical setting making it look like an oasis.
• Modern swimming pools: if you have a big area then a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi is a brilliant idea. You can have a bath and a swim in the same place.
• Tioga pools: these pools are built in the backyard of houses with dense vegetation outside and are covered with glass giving a view of the forested region.
• LE meridian: free space of the hose can be transformed to a pool.

PostHeaderIcon Greco-Roman Style Bedroom

Greco-Roman Style BedroomNowadays designing a home has been made the easiest- just sit on the web and have access to designs from all over the world. A very interesting design for your home especially the bedroom would be designing your house in a Greco- roman way. This would mean having some similarities with the houses of Greece and Rome in the medieval periods. This gives a look of elegance and subdues the look of a modern flat to be a modern flat. It gives more of an old aged look making your house look rich both architecturally and aesthetically. Here are a few tips on how to go about it and make your work easier:
Floor: if you are going for a look alteration and have a wooden floor or something then go for a thick rug which might be having tiled pattern. If you are going to get your flooring done then obviously tile is the most suitable choice.

Walls: you can either do this on your own or hire a professional. Applying Venetian plaster on your walls would be one option or making your walls look like marble would be another option. You can use feathers to design the walls and make them look like marble or hire a faux painter who would do the needful.

Fabrics: usually the Greco- roman styles are characterised by heavy looking fabrics. Brocade and velvet are the preferable ones and always work. The work done on the fabrics are also what makes a difference. Stick to dark colours- green or cranberries preferably.
Furniture: light neutral coloured furniture which lack in the modern trends is obviously the ones which are best suited for this design. Clear lines should definitely be avoided in furniture. A simple bed or a canopy bed would be just fine.

PostHeaderIcon Electric Fireplace

Electric FireplaceElectric fireplaces as the name suggests is the replica of actual fireplaces. Since the supple of coal and natural wood is limited in our world, man has come up with a new technique to save up on the natural resources without compromising on its benefits. Electric fireplaces consume a power supply of 1.4-1.6 Watts which is sufficient to heat up a 400 square feet home. There are various techniques by which these fireplaces can run. Either the burning wood mode can be used which typically demonstrates the burning of wood and acts like a fireplace or it can be used as a general room heater too.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of this kind of fireplaces:

Primary advantage is that it does not require the house to be remodelled for installation. It can normally be attached or placed in the room without any hassle. Also, since there is no real fire the risk hazard automatically comes down. No real fire also means no real need for a chimney. Often these fireplaces are portable and can be transferred from room to room according to the needs of the person using it.

Where there are so many benefits there has to be dome drawbacks too. In case of load shedding these electric fireplaces may not even work making it worse. Since it works on electricity it is unable to give that much warmth or be as effective as the real fireplace. On top of that it uses a lot of power supply to run causing short circuits or fuse damage in a number of cases. These fireplaces can be very delicate and exposure to weather will cause them damage.

Safety precautions need to be followed in case of these fireplaces. Flammable materials should be kept away and should be turned off before leaving the house without fail.

PostHeaderIcon How to Make a Tree Stump Table

Tree Stump TableWood is becoming one material which is becoming very reliable and aesthetically pleasing. The demand for wood is on a rise as more and more people are going for wood to decorate or remodel their houses. Wooden furniture is expensive but a sign of sophistication and class hence luring more people o opt for wood instead of any other material. The price of wood keeps appreciating with time hence making it a very good investment option too.

A tree stump is a part of the tree, rather a block from the trunk of the tree cut out especially to make the tree stump tables. Many trees can be used for this purpose but the trees with the biggest decorative art designs are oak, juniper, walnut, pine, cedar and eucalyptus. The tree stump table is one of a kind interior decoration and is very appealing to the eye. It takes around 3-4 years to form. It can be cut out from a tree trunk but it takes that many years to completely dry out. There are unnatural method used for drying too called kiln-drying but they leave bigger cracks. The natural air drying process is the best where minimum cracks happen. After this process the skinning or sculpting process takes place where the unrequited extra limbs of that bark are removed. Then the initial sculpting is done by the sculptor followed by the smoothening by an orbital hand sander. The texture of the bark or wood stump depends on the tree bark which is being used. The height and effort too depends on the same factor.

To give it a more beautiful look, metal legs can be inserted into the bark to make it look more like a table. Metal and wood together creates a beautiful effect.

PostHeaderIcon Stainless Wire ropes are the best for building houses

Stainless Wire ropes building houseStainless Steel Wire Rope is very much used in the construction of barriers, staircases. If this is used in horizontal cases then 1/19 wire is considered to be the best. But if in any case vertical wires are to be selected then 7/7 or 7/19 should be the choice so that they can go around the bend at the bottom and at the topmost part of the handrails. At these very points the eyelets of the stainless steel is screwed into timber handrails or stainless tube handrails.

Stainless wire ropes have got its natural features of having large number of crevices. This makes it more vulnerable for absorbing salt, dirt which can start the process of corrosion. The 316 grade stainless steel that is considered to be one of the best and is known as the ‘marine grade’ will start corroding and rusting if it is not taken proper care of. One example that can be mentioned here is that of the 7/7 construction type wire that has 7 wire strands wound up together and seven of these are again wound up to make the final wire.

Products such as Lanotec and Prolan which are on natural Lanolin based material is ideal to apply on the surface of the wire as it helps to protect the wire from corrosion. This product along with the regular cleaning process and maintenance will ensure that the wire is in good condition and does not rust. If you find any rusting that has taken place then you can use a phosphoric acid base cleaner so as to bring back the good appearance of the stainless steel. It is also very important to note that salt deposits and dirt must be cleaned regularly. 316 marine grade steel must be used in coastal environment and smoother finish of the surface ensures better resistance to moisture.

PostHeaderIcon Lighting Options for Garages

Lighting Options for GaragesThe garage is usually one of the most neglected areas of the home, a place to spend time and just do not pay attention, especially in relation to the lighting, which is a big failure.

What You Need To Know:

Small Garages: be sufficient to install fluorescent tubes on the ceiling.
Large Garages: can place points of light in different areas to cover as much as possible.
Sensors mobility: the lights will automatically turn on and will not have to leave the car.

It’s not common to find a house that has a garage with natural light and ventilation. Most are small rooms, underground, no windows to the outside. Therefore it is usually very dark and damp places that need artificial lighting.

Illuminate a small garage

In case you have a small garage , it is normal to think that as we only use the few minutes it will take to park or leave our vehicle, not worth paying attention to lighting, but we were wrong . One of the most common practices is to place a bulb in the center of the room, which is limited to light the roof of the car and that is a big mistake because it does not allow proper visibility when parking the vehicle properly. In this type of garages is recommended to use fluorescent tubes, which can be placed in the ceiling or walls. It besides not consume in excess, will give proper light and more than enough. The best option is to place sensors mobility, that make the lights turn on automatically by sensing the vehicle, and that will prevent us having to turn the light out for ourselves.

Lighting for large garages

When the garage is large enough, we often also use it to store bicycles and Gizmos that do not use regularly, or even as a place to hold small DIY tasks. In these cases the lighting should still receive more attention. As in the previous case, we can put on the roof tubes in the area where it will be parked our car, with sensors mobility, enough to light up when parking. We can supplement the light with a specific lighting in areas that are dedicated to other uses by placing light bulbs or bulbs. These places need not have sensors, because we can flip a switch and avoid unnecessary consumption. We must not forget that proper lighting can avoid unnecessary mishaps that can damage our car or ourselves.

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