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PostHeaderIcon Essential guidelines for keeping kitchen clean

Have you ever stepped into your kitchen and felt disgusted by the look of day old unwashed utensils and the unkempt kitchen table? If you religiously follow the ways to keep the kitchen clean, you can be more relaxed and stress free.

Just wash the dishes whenever you enter the kitchen, be it any time of the day. Do not put them in the ovens out of laziness, just because you cannot stand the sight of it. Avoid gathering all the dirty dishes to be washed. This also proves handy when you need extra utensils. Keep the kitchen counter-tops de-cluttered and free of grime.

Try to keep things organized by placing all things in their right places where they are meant to be. To avoid drying of food particles on pans and pots, rinse them soon after usage. Regular cleaning of the stove is imperative and it is always advisable to buy a stove with a ceramic top as it is easier to clean them.

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