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PostHeaderIcon Make your bedroom a place to relax

After a stressful and tiresome day, the bedroom is the place to go to rejuvenate, refresh and relax. Turn your bedroom into a safe haven. Soft, warm and light hues are to be used as a base color for walls and a darker tone of the same shade combined with another color to be used on the furniture’s, pillow covers and beddings. Clear off all the mess in the bedroom like old magazines, unnecessary piles of clothes. Clean the dressing table on a regular basis and ensure the room is clutter free to induce feelings of tranquility. Avoid watching television in your bedroom as it intrudes into the calmness and space of the room.

Accessorizing the room to enhance its beauty is important. Put pillows, wind chimes, fragrant candles and things that exude the feeling of relaxation. Use lavender, chamomile fragrances as they are supposed to act as great stress busters. Soothing picture frames of beautiful scenery or an inspiring quotation adds on to the positive spirit. Add plants to your room as they give a very soothing atmosphere to the room.

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