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PostHeaderIcon Green Driveways, Patios, Walkways, & Floors

One very famous concept of house exterior and interior decoration that ahs recently emerged over time is known as the green policy. The green policy is nothing but a certain way to decorate the exteriors and the interiors of the house with a touch of the color green by decorating them with plants and creepers for decoration of several kind.

In most of the cases, these strategies are generally applied on driveways, patios, walkways and floors which relate to both the interior floor and also the exterior floor. This creates a healthy, fresh and pristine environment all around the house and makes it look clean and hygienic. Again, this concept of going green with the house also increases the level of sophistication and the beauty of the house exteriors and as well as the interiors.

PostHeaderIcon Home furnishing, an important phase after shifting

Are you shifting to a bigger and better house next week? Well, that is great news indeed. However, one really important thing that you will need to keep in mind while you are shifting is the furnishing of your new home. Furnishing and decorating your new home properly will make it a better place to live in.

For the living room of your new home opt for attractive furnishing with a complementary color scheme. Choosing living room furniture in keeping with the color scheme of the room will build up a positive impact. Leather furniture is a wonderful option for your living room. Place a beautiful lamp beside your entertainment furniture.

As for your bedroom, comfort should be the last word. Opt for implementing a color scheme for your bedroom. There is a wide array of great bedroom furniture that you can take your pick from. You can hire a modern furnishing expert who will give you valuable advice on how to furnish your new home well.

PostHeaderIcon Furnish your bedroom with stylish and luxurious curtains

Are you planning to redo your bedroom? If you are then try to furnish your bedroom with beautiful curtains. Stylish curtains look great and can add a different look to your bedroom. The most important function of curtains is to cut off the extra light and this is very important in a bedroom.

Curtains in wonderful colors are nothing less than inspirational pieces of bedroom décor and they can become the focal point of your bedroom, if you do it right. To enhance the decorative trait of the curtains, you can alter the shape, hue, fabric and stitching pattern of your bedroom curtains.

After you select the color of your curtains, choose bedroom items that will go with the curtains. Repeat the color of the curtains at least thrice in the bedroom. This will provide balance to the bedroom design. Choose wall paints that will go well with the curtains. You can go in for jewel tones for the walls. This will enhance the overall beauty of the curtains.

PostHeaderIcon Chinese carpets: simply amazing for lounge

Are you scouting furnishings for the lounge area? If yes, then you definitely ought to consider buying an Oriental carpet. These carpets have been an extremely popular option to accentuate the home décor for a long time now. The reason being the exquisite elegance it lends to any living area. A Chinese carpet can create a feeling of warmth and intimacy, a must for any lounge. What’s more, these carpets blend well with any kind of décor style. In fact, some people select their furniture & décor based on the carpet.

They are available in a range of colors and designs. Choose a color that matches with your room décor. A wool carpet has the wondrous effect of adding moisture to dry rooms and absorbs moisture from humid spaces. It is also believed that they help lower the noise level in the room. It is a practical option as well because Oriental carpets can be maintained easily.

PostHeaderIcon Simple and low cost ways for decorating kitchen

Given the kind of time and effort spent in the kitchen area, it is important that the space looks not just perfectly clean but beautiful as well. Not everyone can afford to spend on fancy accessories and expensive décor items. Here are some simple and cost effective ways to decorate the kitchen. Use interesting colors or wallpapers to spruce up the kitchen walls. Instead of expensive cabinets, liven up the storage racks with bright paint colors or elegant laminate covering.

Brighten up the room by using nice canisters and cute jars for storing food items. Place small potted plants or flower vases by the window. Arrange the fruit bowls and vegetable baskets in an attractive manner. Showcase the fancy glassware and crockery in an open or glass door cabinet. Mount bright & colorful pictures of delicious food or flowers on the wall. You can also find pretty kitchen souvenirs that can be stuck on the cabinets or appliances.

PostHeaderIcon Have a natural look in drawing room with a fish tank

A drawing room is that area where we spend a great deal of time to indulge in relaxation and entertainment with family and friends. While decorating the living room, people tend to emphasize too much on style and luxury. The end result is a lifeless and unexciting room décor. It is important to lend some elements of nature to the room in order to create a harmonious environment. One great option is to place a fish tank in your drawing room.

You can place an aquarium or a fish bowl as the focal point of your room. It helps create a calm and beautiful environment for your living space. Put in different kinds of fishes in a variety of colors for a vibrant look. There are plenty of ways to decorate the aquarium to further stylize your room. Use colored stones, rocks, sand waterfall and other fish tank ornaments for an amazing effect.

PostHeaderIcon Planning to furnish your lounge? Try lamps

An important element of any lounge décor is the use and presence of appropriate lighting. Most people, however, greatly ignore this aspect and use only hard-wired lighting. You can greatly enhance the lounge décor by using lamps – table and/or floor. They serve a dual purpose of providing functional lighting and as a decorative item. Lamps can improve the mood and tone of the room with its subtle lighting. The choice of wattage and type of bulb will determine the quality of light in the room.

You can also use lamps simply as a stunning piece of décor. Choose a lampshade design depending on the lounge décor theme, furnishing styles or color scheme. For a traditional décor, you can go for vintage or Victorian style lamps. If the décor is contemporary, the lamp must have clean lines and sleek design. Another way of stylizing the décor is to place the lamp on a stack of books or flat table accessories.

PostHeaderIcon Furnish the dining area with beaded curtains

The right choice of curtains is an important component of your home décor. When furnishing your dining room, a great option that you must consider is beaded curtains. They act as amazingly great room dividers, in case your dining space is adjoining to the living area or kitchen. Or you can even get them to fit the windows and doors. If you are going for an Asian style décor or bohemian look, you must go for a beaded curtain.

Bead curtains are available in a number of colors, sizes, shapes and motifs. Also, you will find beads made of glass, wood, plastic, acrylic, crystals, bamboo or gemstones. So, you will definitely not be limited with choices that perfectly match your room décor. It is a relatively inexpensive and amazingly beautiful way to deck up the dining room. For those creatively inclined, you can also design and make your own beaded curtains by spending little effort.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate your sofas with hand made sofa backs

A sofa is the most important item of living room furniture. A great way to enhance the look of your sofa is to have a sofa back. The sofa back is placed on the part of the sofa where you rest your back. If you decide to use sofa back covers, ensure that it helps enrich the look of your sofa as well as the living room. You will find a variety of sofa back covers in the market, in a range of fabrics and styles.

One of the best and most common options is to decorate using hand made sofa backs. You can go for sofa back covers made of 100% hand sewn fabrics. Crochet or knitted covers look extremely elegant and are highly popular. Another great option is to purchase hand embroidered covers. Further, you should match the cover fabric, color and embroidery patterns with the room décor style.

PostHeaderIcon How to clean the sofa covers

Sofa covers need regular cleaning to maintain their look. And if you have pets or kids at home cleaning the sofa covers is all the more important. However, the big question is how will you clean your sofa covers?

Shampooing the sofa covers is a good idea. Before you shampoo the sofa covers, read the fabric care label and see what is the manufacturer’s recommendation. Then locate a small piece of the fabric that will remain hidden and test the upholstery cleaner on it. Let the fabric dry and see whether it retains the color or not. If it passes the colorfastness test, apply the cleaner on the covers. Then blot with a clean rag and allow the covers to dry.

If you want to hand wash the sofa covers, use a mild detergent and cold water. If the fabric care label recommends ironing, iron the reverse side. Put on the cover of the sofa while it is still a bit damp. This will prevent shrinkage. Let the sofa covers air dry.

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