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PostHeaderIcon Potted plants, a good way to add something extra to your home

Having potted plants at home is the best option to improve the décor or just bring a little change. These plants not only make your house look beautiful but also make home environment healthy and cool. To get potted plants at home is not a tough job.

You can straightaway buy these plants from a local nursery along with the pots and place them in your home decoratively. Or you could DIY by getting information and start planting; by sowing seeds bought from the nursery.

You can have some plants with elements like aroma or others that can be helpful for cooking and other purposes. Like, growing mint plants or alovera could be a very good option to have fresh supply of useful plants. Having plants with flowers are the best options as there is nothing better than fresh flowers at home. You can also place order for plants online thus giving you tremendous opportunities to make your home a better place to live in.

PostHeaderIcon Pet baskets, a wonderful way to treat your loving pets

A nice summer breeze is blowing outside and you want to enjoy the lovely day with your pet? Well, if you do just put your beloved pet in a pet basket and embark outside. When you get a pet make sure to get a pet basket and this makes carrying your pet everywhere you do a lot easier. If you have a pet pup, you can get a wicker dog basket. It is made of good quality wicker and has a close weave that makes the basket solid.

The pet baskets usually have a traditional step-in to making it easier for the pets to get into and out of the basket. If you want a different style of pet basket you can go in for the pet carrier shape that has a wire mesh door. Though this kind of baskets is not suitable for airline journeys they are best suited for short trips.

PostHeaderIcon Add the extra appeal to your home décor with mirrors

If you wish to enhance the style of your entire interior household by adding an extra attraction, then it is recommended that you install some cool design mirrors. Mirrors can be helpful in either way- in decorative purposes as well as in their functionality. They can also be installed in your living or bedroom, thus adding to the attraction. Antique mirrors usually offer your home a sense of timelessness and immortality.

If you don’t have any specific personal taste whilst going out to buy the mirrors for interior decoration, then we recommend that you consult a reputed interior designer. Decorative wall mirrors provide better lighting and add an instant spark to your home, which otherwise would have remained dull. Cheval mirrors are a spectacular variety of decorative mirrors and they come in oval or rectangular shapes. Vintage and modern decorative mirrors are also available, and they provide your home with a classic and retro look respectively.

PostHeaderIcon Photo frames a beautiful accessory to do up your home

Photo frames add some unique and indelible memories to household beauty and therefore if you really want to create an aesthetic and nostalgic atmosphere in your home then the photodramas must be perches in the right places.

Doing a few homework is a must do before decorating your home with pricey and inexpensive photo frames. First, you need to visit the local art galleries and studios to know more about the latest frames that magnifies your photo in a brilliant manner. Then consider the themes of the photos and then place them in different rooms according to their themes.

When purchasing for frames you must always remember the type of your photo and make sure that the frame you buy enlarges the size of your photo. For example a wood frame would be a perfect fit for a painting of nature or forest, use plastic or colorful fiber frames for children’s photos and the gold rimmed frames are the best choices for traditional arts.

PostHeaderIcon Antique home décor for your house

Do you want to give your house a complete retro look? Well here are the few smart tips that would help you convert your pad into a real hub of antique beauty.

The selection of shades for the walls for your house is very important in order to portray an old yet classy look in your house. Therefore stick to the pastel shades like blue, sage green, mauve, cream etc. these colors would brilliantly contrast with your dark color based antique furniture pieces.

Mirrors hold an important place in reflecting a true antique ambience in your house. Therefore try to place the round or oval shaped mirrors in your living room or dining room. It would be great if they are framed with delicate golden or silver floral designs or borders. Perch some cushion covered vintage chairs in your house and using marbles as telephone holders or flower pot stages would provide a complete retro look to your house.

PostHeaderIcon How to take care of your favorite cushions

Your cushions are a part of your comfortable life, and so, you cannot let them be spoilt because of mere carelessness.

The fabric of the cushions is specially prepared before they are placed in the markets. They undergo a lot of procedure so that the fabric stays protected. This leads you to fewer worries, but still you have your role to play. Periodically cleaning your cushions with vacuum will help your cushions look new. The spots and spills on the cushion should be taken care of immediately by blotting it gently with soft folded cloth.

To increase the life of your cushions, turn it over regularly so that the fluffiness is balanced. Avoid positions where it comes under direct sunlight for long period of time. Make sure you have proper ventilations where the cushions are placed as it can wither due to smoke and heat, and also ventilation will help keep away from odors as cushions absorb odors easily. These steps will help preserve your favorite cushions.

PostHeaderIcon Guidelines to maintain your cork flooring

The whole point of having cork flooring is that they are easy to maintain and are affordable. Here are a few easy and useful tips for maintenance.

The most important thing here is that you will need to be regular in cleaning the floor. You can either vacuum or sweep the floor once in a week at least. Cork flooring tends to accumulate dust at the corners, so you need to give special attention over there.

Always remember to damp mop the floor. Never use too much water that might sip in the flooring. While damp mopping use a PH balanced detergent or a mild soap. So not use products that might have corrosive agents or some abrasive. Avoid using oil or ammonia based cleaners. The best practice would be to use the cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, make sure you free the floor from abrasives like sand or small pieces of stone before you start mopping.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep your air conditioners good as new

Air condition executes the work of conditioning the air in your environment; in that case you need to keep it in proper condition as well. Apart from keeping your atmosphere fresh and cool, maintaining it will also save on your energy. As in any other equipment, if dirt intensifies it will adulterate your surroundings and fail to serve its purpose; it is the same for your air condition. The following are some steps leading you to an effective functioning of your air condition:

• You have to clean the filter of the air condition; this generally will not come into your notice until you get a handsome electricity bill.

• You should make sure that the thermostat, which is the key instrument the air condition, is in a cooling mode.

• Ensure whether your condensing unit is not covered with anything.

• Whenever you need to repair you air condition, make sure it is in the hands of professional experts.

PostHeaderIcon How to maintain your door and window tints

Door and window tints give privacy. But you need to maintain the tints. After you have put door and window tints keep a watch for 3 to 5 days. The windows and doors may appear hazy depending on the weather conditions. This is a part of the drying process so do not think that it is an indication of a problem.

Clean the inside of the door and window where the tint has been installed. Use special glass cleaners which are made for door and window tints. Make a solution of water and window cleaner. Use half of both the products to make the solution and clean the doors and windows. You can also use plain water.

Use soft cloth to clean the doors and windows. You can keep the outside clean with any glass cleaner. Try not to scratch the doors and windows. Do not rub anything against the tint.

PostHeaderIcon Guide on how to maintain hard wood floors

While looking for the different flooring options for you new house, you should make it a point to check out hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are extremely attractive and come with a host of other benefits like durability. However, if you do install hardwood flooring you will have to take steps to maintain it properly. Firstly, you should place mats at all the entry points where you install the hardwood floors. You should also place amts in areas susceptible to moisture.

You should also make it a point to sweep the hardwood floors with a soft-bristled broom at least once in two days. To get rid of the dirt and debris in between the boards you should use a vacuum cleaner. You can also clean the hardwood floor with a hardwood floor cleaner. If you spill anything on the floor, wipe it off immediately. Before placing the furniture in the rooms with hardwood floors, put furniture pads under them.

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