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PostHeaderIcon Fast and simple bathroom decor changes

With time one can get bored of the same old look in one’s bathroom. The bathroom is one place that can look drab in a very small span of time. Also refurbishing a bathroom can be quite costly at times. However, they can be given a facelift and made to look new very easily. These are very inexpensive techniques and the ingredients are very easily available in the local markets.

One of the biggest problems with bathrooms is that they can get cluttered very easily with towels hanging and bath products littered all over the place. First one should get some racks and storage area to keep the bath products. Then one should buy some extra towel rods for those towels to dry on. Additionally, one can change the flooring of one’s bathroom for a complete new look altogether. Changing the towel color or even changing the bathroom door knobs can create a complete new atmosphere.

PostHeaderIcon 5 tips for doing up your child’s room

The bedroom is a favorite place for kids as this is where they do most of their activity and spend most of their time. They play games, read, listen to music, wrestle, day-dream and just spend time alone at times in their bedroom. So when one is decorating a kid’s bedroom he/she should have a different approach than that of an adult bedroom. The bedroom should reflect the kid’s personality, not the ones’ decorating it. The first thing to achieve in this is to talk to the kid about his/her wishes and fantasies. Only then can one work their interests into a design for the bedroom.

The room should be made multi functional for all activities undertaken by the kid. The lighting of the room should be bright enough so that the kid can do his/her homework and also be soothing enough so that the kid can rest at times.

PostHeaderIcon Incorporate Your Culture In Personal Decorating Style

We all want to decorate our homes so that it looks beautiful and everyone appreciates it. A well done home is a pride for all home owners. There are many styles, designs, textures and themes to choose from. One of these is ethnic eclectic. In this we can bring in aspects of our individual culture into the decoration of our homes.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the color of the room. Color for the walls can also be combined with paint or fabric. It has the power to completely transform the look of one’s room. Color themes can be chosen from a range from Moroccan, Indian to Oriental.

Detailing is the biggest part of ethnic decorating and this can bring that exotic touch to one’s room. One can also play around with different types of flooring like bamboo and others. Finally one can do the finishing touch with different ensembles of showpieces to complete the look.

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