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PostHeaderIcon How to select a floor lamp

Lamp shades increases the aura of your home and makes it look full of warmth and pleasant. It is one of the essential elements when it comes to decorating your room. You must look for the intricate details of the room where you want to out your floor lamp so that you can get an idea about what type of lamp will suit the room.

If your room is trendy you can go for floor lamp made of wrought iron or any other material, but if your room has a classy look then nothing will go better than wooden floor lamp. Make an approximate budget on how much you can actually spend to buy a floor lamp. Then sticking to the budget look for a lamp which will satisfy all your needs in case of choosing the right one with a unique design that will be a treat to look at in your room. Always keep in mind that the floor lamp you choose should match the color and the decorations of the room and should not be a mismatch.

PostHeaderIcon How to decorate your home ethnically

Those who think that the ethnic style of decorating the home is outdated now; they do not know much about the latest trends in home décor. People these days are keener to have their home decorated in a classy way than using the modern techniques of decorating. The blend of textures and colors which are used for the furniture, walls, upholstery and other such decorative elements are really commendable.


An ethnically decorated home will not have too much mix of colors, and you would not find much use of bright colors. A neat and organized way of placing the furniture also adds to the ethnicity of the house. The designs used for the floor covers, curtains, table cloth, etc need to be very classy. Even while choosing the style of lighting for your house, you can add ethnicity to it by opting for the appropriate designs. Take advice of a professional designer if required.


PostHeaderIcon 5 Home Decorating Guidelines To Give Your Home A Swift Makeover

Home decorating can be a pain for most people. It takes loads of time and effort to get the look right. However there are ways by which one can redecorate their house quickly and give it a swift make over in no time. It is not always necessary to spend a lot of time to add that refreshing sense of style to one’s house.

The first thing that comes to mind is the use to natural flowers and plants. Decorative plants and beautiful ferns can be used to pep up the look of the house very easily. They add a fresh and new look to the house like nothing else. One can also use window valances on bare windows to add a colour to the ambience of the particular room. Throwing rugs on the floor can also be a great look changer for the house.


PostHeaderIcon Fountains made for your table tops

Interior decoration for your living room is not a simple job to perform. It can be very confusing as the market is full of varieties of different materials that can be used in for decorating your living room. Selecting among them can be very confusing and can lead to you to a deadlock of ideas. The latest trend among the decoration designs is the table top fountains. These fountains are the miniature fountains that can be used for decorating your living rooms.

Fountains give an extra amount of beauty to your houses. You can find different fountains of different sizes and elegant designs. You will be required to find out a good fountain in accordance with your room interior and the size of the table. You can also buy these tale fountains from your home using the internet. So go online and find out a perfect table fountain for yourself.

PostHeaderIcon Tuscan style decorating – 5 essential included

Tuscan style decorating is a growing trend among all interior and exterior decorators. This style allows you to reflect your passion connecting the earth and realism. Tuscan style elements can be incorporated in the outdoors and confinements of the house connecting with that of Mother Nature. The color scheme itself calls for peace and harmony in the family. The patterns define intensity and warmth; the hues of the earth range from that of yellow blistering like that of the sun to a golden moon. Shades of chocolate and russet are also incorporated with terra cotta.

The other style of essentials includes that of the stone Tuscan style. This represents the natural color of the earthly stones and salts. Granites, limestone and marble are also very essential for representing the Tuscan way. Besides, one of the most elegant Tuscan decorations includes the metal style which is incorporated in a very classy way representing the polish and shine copper, iron etc.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating walls with stencils

You must be extremely elegant with design patterns if you’re thinking of having stencils as a part of your wall designs. Not all go for this kind of an idea primarily because they fear it might come out wrong. If you’re into stencil art then you don’t have to bother about the pattern being wrong, but if you’re not, then you should better consult someone expert in this field. Having walls designed with stencils is probably the most elegant way of wall designs. You need to be clear with what kind of stencil patterns you want.

Most of the stencil art might look Asian, or Japanese to be precise. There are also other themes of stencil designs on wall available. The entire process needs a lot of concentration. If anything goes wrong with the slightest of disturbance, it might spoil the entire concept. Immense care is necessary while drawing stencil patterns on the wall but if you can get it right, you have every reasons to be proud of it.

PostHeaderIcon Add flair to your kitchen with bakers racks

To add a bit of color to your kitchen a bakers rack is probably what would suit your needs. It is the kind of kitchen décor that has been in use since decades and are still in fashion. A baker’s rack is also used as a space for extra storage which can also brighten up the corners thereby saving space. If you want to look at the variety there are plenty, hand painted, amazing designs and some include portraits of flowers too. Overall it’s very appealing to have a bakers rack to add flair in a kitchen.

When it comes to usage, you can store in pots, pans and some of your utensils too. Besides, it has features like drawers for fitting in kitchen appliances, there are metal shelves that could be adjusted according to your requirement. It also comes with a cantilevered shelf on the top to hold other items too.

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