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PostHeaderIcon How you can go wrong with the color yellow

color yellow,Blinds & CurtainThe color yellow has a lot of significance. One draws comparison between the sun and the color yellow or in other words, it means a ray of hope. It is a bright color and it can lighten up any surrounding place. The proper shade of yellow if employed can completely change the look and effect. But keeping that in mind, one must exercise caution while using the color yellow. Too much of yellow can make you look like an omelet.

Let us first consider clothes. The color yellow is primarily a day shade and must be avoided at night as the effect might be too bright making it undesirable. When we consider yellow for our house, choosing the proper shade of yellow is of utmost importance and based upon that particular shade, the rest of the furniture and the décor items must be chosen to avoid making them look out of place and making the house look repulsive.

PostHeaderIcon Venetian wall mirrors: how can they be used to beautify your walls?

Modern technology and lifestyle now provides people with options to exchange foreign décor ideas and beautify their homes with essence of different cultures. Venetian wall mirrors, originating in the lovely city of Venice, makes such an antique decorative item for your home.

Venetian wall mirrors add a different aura to your interior no matter where ever you place it. if you have interest in paintings and other wall decorative items, a large living room area with a venetian wall mirror just put up on the entrance hallway right by the front door, makes your house more welcoming to the guests. Who wouldn’t like to have a quick look at themselves when they are on an invitation?

If your living room is not loaded with paintings and features, Venetian wall mirror is the trophy to your décor. Even in your bedroom, it adds a comfort factor as well as glamour by brightening up the entire room.

PostHeaderIcon Cost effective room design tip for a teenager

Cost effective room design, room designBefore thinking about the cost of designing a teenage bedroom, discuss the plan with the teenage kid. The kid may dislike certain things which you must have decided, so getting to know what the kid wants is the initial step to take. This means that you will not have to make any changes thereafter, which would have incurred more expenses. Try and use things which you already possess to décor the room, if possible that is.

Minute details need not be taken much care of while designing a teenage room. Try and use bright color combinations for your teenage kid’s room. You can try and design or built things by your own if you can; this would be appreciated by your kid and will not cost you much. You need not add luxurious items and furniture to a teenage room. If you cover up the basic requirements and decorate innovatively, you will save good amount of money.

PostHeaderIcon Differences a lamp shade can make

lamp shade, room decorLamp shades are a great way to enhance the beauty of your room and create an amazing ambience. You will find a plethora of options while choosing a lamp shade. From the regular glass ones to the vintage shades, the options will spellbind you. Some very unique designed mini lamp shades are available as well. You just need to choose the appropriate lamp shade that will go with the theme and décor of your room.

Selecting the right lamp shade will make a huge difference to your room. While choosing a lamp shade, you must take care of the size and style. The lamp shade shape should go with the base of the lamp. If you wish to have a standing lamp shade on a square table, go for a square shade. If you wish to grab attention, opaque lamp shades are apt while translucent lamp shades are great for reading lamps. So, transform a simple room into a beautiful one with lamp shades.

PostHeaderIcon How room dividers can do wonders to your décor

room dividers, room decorThe main reason why people opt for room dividers is that there is minimal chance of your decorating ideas not turning out well. The designs, styles and the way you can use the dividers to decorate are many in numbers. Not only will these decorate your room, but also provide extra storage space. The best options for room dividers are the sliding or the folding ones. People who wish to divide the space and have complete privacy can use the dividers which will reach from the ceiling to the floor.

You can add accessories to the divider to enhance its look in your room. With your room divided by a divider, you can decorate it in two styles. You need to decide on the furniture and other room accessories, where they need to be placed. Using of your room space will become much more convenient than you might have thought of.

PostHeaderIcon 5 tips to convert your unruly backyard into an exotic lawn

tips to décor backyard, design a lawnAn unruly backyard gives a rather untidy and dirty impression of the house and its people to outsiders and for this very reason one must always keep the backyard really clean and tidy and converting it into a lawn will be a very good decision. The first thing that you have to do is to clean up the lawn and cut all the over grown grass and shrubs. Mow your lawn every week to get those proper sized small grasses which give your lawn a velvety touch. Now you can put in a few plants which will enhance the beauty of your lawn.

Herbs, Mosses, vines and shrubs are the four types which you can place in your lawn. Few plants which will give your lawn that charming effect are Bougainvillea, Ivy, Morning Glory, Mint, Peony, Ferns, Common Juniper, Lavender, and Periwinkle along with Red moss capsules, Mountain Pine and Wall screw moss. Add a few sprinklers and there you have it, a beautiful lawn.

PostHeaderIcon Benefits of installing suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings look quite similar to the real ceilings and are very easy to install. They are used in houses, supermarkets and shopping centers. These ceilings provide a lot of advantages like covering up the ducts of air and areas of maintenance. As the ceiling suspends from the original ceiling, the place in between them work up a storage space for several things.

The wiring on the ceiling looks really ugly and spoils the entire interior décor. With the advent of the suspended ceilings, these problems have disappeared. Wires and pips can comfortably run through the ceiling and stay concealed. These ceilings are very easy to dismantle. So, altering or modifying the wiring or the piping system is also pretty easy. You will not have to destroy the whole ceiling like in case of the plastered ones. Fiber tiles made of fire proof materials can be used to create these ceilings. This is among the most beneficial part of installing suspended ceilings.


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