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PostHeaderIcon Area rugs: Which one to pick

Area rugsArea rugs could be a very nice way of decorating the house. These rugs are easily movable and do not take a lot of space like a full carpet. A full carpet may look monotonous. You may not always want to cover the entire floor all at once. Area rugs will help you cover parts of the floor and keep some parts open. You can place these rugs anywhere you want as they are not as heavy as the carpets. Area rugs are also very easy to clean and you will have no difficulty to wash them if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer. These rugs come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from the options according to the shape and size of the house.

There are some brilliant schemes of colors and patterns and designs that are available in the market. One of the best area rugs is the Persian area rug. These rugs are known for their exotic color schemes and intricate designs.

PostHeaderIcon Give your kitchen an island décor theme

Kitchen decor tips, kitchenKitchen is an integral part of your home and the homemaker has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Do you want to give a new look to the heart of your house that is the kitchen where you enjoy while you perform your culinary skills. Give a specific theme look that can revitalize the look and your mood while you are in your kitchen place. Island décor is an exciting theme which would make your kitchen come to life. Here are some of the tips that you can implement to give that coastal island theme to your kitchen.

• Paint it with colors like sea blue or white.
• Arrange for coastal accessory to hand in one part of the wall
• Set a seaside inspired table along with sea colored linens.
• Get dinner set that has prints of shells, sea crabs or anything that reminds you of a beach.

PostHeaderIcon Roll up bamboo shades: why is a good decor item?

Roll up bamboo shades, home decor tipsBamboo roll up window shades provide a perfect decorative old touch to your home with its natural texture. Though there are plenty of other materials available but it comes cheap. These days bamboo shades are high on demand, they are dried up and woven together with a rope that is what we call as bamboo roll up shade. But if you’re looking for old world style, then search for the handmade ones. They enhance the old- rugged theme of your home. And they need no difficulty in care and maintenance. What they need is regular cleaning up to keep dirt free, so you see it comes cheap too.

If in case you tend to damage them, it lets you go for easy installation that can be done alone and there is no need of buying full new sets. So, it definitely saves money. These days they even provide cost effective cooling and heating devices. They are available in different colours, designs and varieties. So add that perfect rugged-bamboo touch to your living room.

PostHeaderIcon Murphy bed hardware for you

Murphy bed hardware, Murphy bedYou will be able to make more space for the guest, hobbies, work and your everyday life with the help of the systems, hardware mechanisms and kits of Murphy bed, which is the best in the industry right now. You can choose your desired product from the wide range of selections of panel beds, bi fold beds, fold down beds, bed kites that are DIY, frames of bolding beds, Beds of Murphy Wall, and mechanisms of wall bed, which will help you in transforming the closets and the desks into practical, elegant and comfortable spaces.

You could be a dealer or a consumer; you will never be able to find a better deal than Murphy bed. You could also build a Murphy bed on your own or order something customized and that will be easily installed by the professionals who are extremely skilled. This is one of the most prominent names in the world of hardware and has been serving the customers efficiently for years.

PostHeaderIcon An account on how different shapes of couches are for different room sizes

shapes of couches, room decorCouches and sofas are common in almost every house. Depending on the size and ambience of your room, you can select from a range of sitting arrangements. Couches are usually made with arm support and backrest for absolute comfort. Different types of couches are love seat, sectionals and bean bag couches. Love seats have 44”-48” of seating space in between the arms, meant for two people to sit comfortably whereas usual couches have a seating space of 66”. For a large living room, sectionals are best as they provide adequate seating space for the whole family. For smaller apartments, love seat combo and those without armrests are appropriate.

For an afternoon relaxation area in your bedroom, leather couches with soft fabric are good where you can take a power nap. Bean bags are ideal for the living room that is often used for parties. People can sit comfortably and sip on a drink without having to bother about another person pushing for space.

PostHeaderIcon Give your living room a classic touch with vintage decor accessories

vintage decor accessories, living room decorA vintage approach to your living room can add a different spark to the feel of your house and it will speak highly of your taste. It does not matter if you live in a busy street of busy city. The classic look of your living room can create a sense of oasis to the visitors who will be amused to see such a contrast of environment when they enter the house coming from the busy and congested urban streets. You can start with your windows in order to decorate the living room. Try going with big windows with arched tops and colored glasses.

This never fails to bring that old rusty gothic appeal. Use long drapes to ornament your beautiful windows. Be wise while buying the furniture for your house. Try to get those heavy widen furniture with intricate designs like they used to be in the good old days in order to get the right look. Decorate your room with a lot of exotic lamps as they look very beautiful and give a countryside feel to a room.

PostHeaderIcon How an L shaped couch can spruce up a narrow room

home décor, home furnitureAt first, you will have to decide a point of focus for the room. This point could be your window, an artwork piece, a piece of another furniture, which may be a bookcase etc., you have to place the point of focus directly at a point of the exit or the entry of the room. You could also put the point of focus on a wall that is adjacent to your doorway. In this way people will be bound to come inside the room for seeing it.

The portion that is longest of the couch should be placed at the wall that is opposite to the point of focus and it should face the wall that is n focus. The backs of the couch must not face the doorways of the room. You should arrange the furniture in a way that gives an inviting feel to the visitors.  This way, you can put your couch in the perfect position.

PostHeaderIcon How you can go wrong with the color yellow

home decor, home colorYellow is probably one of the most loved colors in the world. To many this color signifies the Sun, the sunflower and it no doubt has a distinct holiness associated with it. Yellow is so bright that it is often used to liven up any place or person. Yellow signifies energy and vigor and is the favorite color of many.

However because of its brightness, one has to exercise caution when dealing with yellow. If you are a yellow lover and love wearing it then there is just one thing that has to be kept in mind, yellow is a day color and should therefore be avoided at night. Get ready to get strange stares if you are wearing yellow to a night party!

When it comes to your house, make sure that the correct shade of yellow is used. The correct shade, used in the correct combination can liven up any corner of the house. If you are using yellow in your curtains or walls, make sure that the color is balanced and the house has a stable look.

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