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PostHeaderIcon Using steam to clean wicker furniture

Tips to clean wicker furniture, furniture maintenanceWicker furniture holds the face value of your home decoration and is an element of beauty in your home décor. Furniture gets withered and discolored after years of use. Protecting the invaluable set of wicker furniture in your home, steam cleaning is a great idea. Things you will need for the job are:

1. Steam- cleaner with furniture specific attachment

2. Cleaning solution

3. Stain pre-treatment solution

Firstly test the cleaner for any discoloration on a small part of the wicker. Then treat any old stain with the stain pre- treatment solution. Now remove the cushions if possible, but if it is not, then also it won’t pose much of a problem. Start cleaning with the extension after applying the steaming water and cleaning solution in a straight line from one side of the furniture to the other. Give time for drying up before repeating the process. Similarly clean the cushions giving enough time to vacuum up maximum amount of moisture.

PostHeaderIcon Designing Your Own Pillow Covers

Design Pillow Covers, Pillow CoversPillows are a sign of coziness and comfort. You can make your living room or your bedroom look extremely welcoming by adding pillows to the couch or the bed. In order make the pillows look their best it is important that they are dressed well and for that you need to have good pillow covers. You can either go to the market or spend a good amount on the commercial covers or just jazz up the pillow covers with a touch of your creativity.

To have a nice pillow cover in a cost effective way, all you will need are white covers that have lot of space to do some knitting. You can knit whatever design and pattern that comes to your mind and see the fantastic result. If you cannot need, get a professional as it will much cheaper than buying designer covers from the market. If you are not into knitting that much, you can always get fabric paints from the stationary shops and paint the covers.

PostHeaderIcon Laminated Cabin Painting Techniques And Ideas

Laminate painting, paintsLaminate furniture is a good option because it is not very expensive and at the same time, they can be easily replaced as well. However, a better option than replacing a laminated cabinet is painting over it. You will be able to get a lifestyle that is sustainable by painting over the laminated painter instead of totally replacing it. If you choose the perfect primer for the paint job, you will be able to keep the furniture in a good condition for years.

The interesting thing about the laminates is that they look as if they are wood but in reality, they are only plastic. Therefore, latex or other paints that are based on oil or acrylic paints will not be useful for they will not stick to the laminated furniture for a long time. However, there is one kind of paint that will stick to the material and it is known as Shellac. Shellacs are quite tough but the material is not toxic. Shellac when dried enough is pretty safe but it has to be dried for there is a high content of VOC when it is wet.

PostHeaderIcon Children Room Furniture Options

Children Room Furniture, furnitureAre you thinking of recreating a room for your little member of the family, then you must plan the recreation on the basis of your child’s needs and details that suit your child in particular. You must make a choice between individual furnishings and children bedroom furniture sets.

If you choose to use the bedroom furniture sets then it is going to give a very coordinated look to your kid’s room. These sets generally comprise of multiple dressers, bed frame, nightstands, headboard, multiple dressers, vanities, and mirrors. These sets are generally available in many colors and designs and are usually carved out of wood, so you can choose the colors and themes according to the way your child reacts to them and other requirements of your child. If you opt for individual furnishing then it might take a little time but you can creatively make it unique because you have a variety of designs to choose from individually. You can use a theme or an attractive color scheme.

PostHeaderIcon Get your patio some sheer curtains

Decorate patio with curtains, curtainsYou may want to decorate your patio of your house by some curtains to give your house a classic and aesthetic look. You can find various qualities of curtains to be used in your patio and cost will depend on the quality of the curtain used. You can also see various designs available in net. You can use remote controlled curtains to give our house a new look. You can then work in kitchen and if you need more sunlight then you can use it to remove the curtains. The curtain colors should complement with the color of the house.

The white curtains with light designs will go well with most of the wall colors. You can tie up the curtains in the mornings and day time for more entrance of light. These curtains enhance the beauty of the home greatly. You can also fix curtains in pool side, in the garden side, in the open space. These curtains can allow you to let sunlight in your rooms and thus make your rooms look fresh and bright.

PostHeaderIcon The Perfect Chair Seat Covers

Chair seat covers, furniture careWhen we say perfect chair seat covers, the first few criteria that come to our mind are comfort, stain resistant, machine washable and waterproof that will protect the chair. Different types of seat covers are found for different types of chairs such as kitchen chair seat covers, office chair seat covers, wedding chair covers, dining chair seat covers, seat covers for folding chairs and so on.

A plain-looking regular chair can be converted into a festive and elegant looking chair if we choose the perfect seat cover for the chair. Chair seat covers are available in various shade, size, design, texture and quality for different events and occasions. There are many ways to find the perfect seat covers for your chair. First you have to note the size of the seat cover for your chair so that the cover fits perfectly. Then you can start by searching at the home décor section of any shopping mall or order online.

PostHeaderIcon Making Your Own Personalized Bed Sheet Covers

Personalized Bed Sheet Covers, bed sheetsPersonalized stuffs have become the latest trend of the present market. You can personalize almost anything in the present day. These personalized items are regarded as the best ways to add some personal touch to your decor. Making a room for your kid needs an extra bit of care and personal touch. Adding an extra bit of touch with the personalized bed covers will give the personal touch to the room.

For making a personalized bed sheet you will first need to measure the size of your bed. According to the size of your bed you will need to make your own bed sheet. You can sew your own bed sheet with the sewing machine that you have. In the personalized bed sheet you can have special personalised photographs or even designs that will suit your room decor well. These personalised bed sheets are also a good gifting option for you to gift it to someone closer to you.

PostHeaderIcon How to give your cabin a new look with piant

Laminate painting, paintsThe good thing about laminate furniture is that they not at all expensive and it is also very easy to get them replaced. However, replacing them right away may not be a very economic idea. if you want to use your old and worn out laminate furniture in a way that you can use it in a sustainable way, you should get them painted.

However, you have to make sure that you are using the right primer for the job of painting the laminate furniture. if you do so, you will have your laminate furniture in a completely new look and you will be able to maintain it for years to come. You have to keep this in mind that even though the laminates look like wood, they are actually not. Therefore, you cannot use latex or other materials of paints that are oil based. You also cannot use paints that are acrylic as they will not be able to stick to the material of the furniture.

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