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PostHeaderIcon How to plan about kids room color

kids room color, home decorPlanning about the kid’s room is one of the most joyful and fun experiences. It is only in the kid’s room that you get to experiment with colors and let your imagination run free. Here are a few tips that can help you decide in the color of your kid’s room:

• Color of the kid’s room is usually decided by the gender of the kid. If you want to be different then try out colors that are gender neutral. This is will be a welcome break for those who are tired of seeing pink room for girls and blue room for boys!
• If you are bored of normal colors, then going for colorful wallpapers and paintings is a good idea. If you have a boy then go for superhero themes and if you have a girl then fairy tale characters is a good choice. Either of the way, make sure that the colors are bright and add to the feel of a kid’s room.

PostHeaderIcon Acrylic paints for doors

Acrylic paints, paintsAcrylic paint will dry fast. It contains pigments in an acrylic polymer emulsion. Choose a color based on the composition before painting a door. To paint a new door is a easy process. While painting an old door, you have to remove the old paints by using sand paper or chemical stripper. For outer door you can use Exteriro Acrylics. That will give protection from UV rays and water. Here are the steps to paint the interior door with acrylic paints.

• Remove the old paint with sandpaper. Clean it if any dusts in the doors.
• Apply primer using a paint brush. Allow it to dry for 24hours.
• Select the acrylic paint based on your preference or according to the surroundings. Apply the paint. Allow it to dry for 24 hours. Coat it again if needed.
• Wooden door absorbs the acrylic paint and it resembles like an oil paint.
• Softwood needs 3 to 4 coatings, whereas hardwood needs only 1 or 2 coatings.

PostHeaderIcon Wood beams for your ceiling for that vintage touch

 ceiling decor, home decorIf you are planning on remodeling your house and are looking for new ideas to make it a little more interesting than what is previously was then why don’t you try wooden beams on your ceiling? Not only are they stylish, but also add a rustic, vintage look to your home. Nowadays having a plain white or colored ceiling just doesn’t serve the purpose rather it loses a certain zing that adds to the style of the ones who live in that house. Wallpapers have been done to death, painting the ceiling with an entirely different color than that of the walls too are passé now, and here the beams come to your rescue.

The elegance that the exposed wooden beams bring to a room are probably unparalleled. Putting them in place aren’t the herculean task that was in the past, on the contrary its quite easy, thanks to the modern goods and technologies of architecture.

PostHeaderIcon Buying Furniture for Elderly

Furniture for Elderly, Furniture If you have an elderly person living with you in your family, then you must know that the elderly are more susceptible to broken bones and diseases. Also their energy levels are low and they can get tired easily. That’s why it’s important to buy some kind of furniture which is easy for them to sue. Reclining chairs, armchairs and low set beds are the most commonly used furniture for the elderly. Senior citizen furniture stores are out there in plenty and you canal sop do you’re shopping online.

First of all, decide upon the kind of furniture you want like a chair or couch or bed. Then knowing the measurements and size of the furniture which you want, you can decide upon the type of furniture you buy. You can also find some discount coupons and free vouchers online from various sites which can be used to buy furniture from good and reputed websites.

PostHeaderIcon How to prevent slippery bathroom floor

bathroom flooring, flooringBathroom occupies an important place in every household. Slippery bathroom floors can cause lots of disturbances to everyone in the family specially the elderly people and the children. People can fall and get injuries. So it is very important to prevent the floors from getting slippery. The bathroom floors should always be kept dry. Bathroom shower mats are very important for bathrooms. When a person comes out from the bathtub, he/she can dry off on the shower mat.

The extra water will fall on the mat and thus the floor will not become wet. Some shower mats can even be placed within the bathtub to get rid of slippery situations while taking a shower.

The shower mats are very much reasonable and are available in different shapes and sizes. Bathroom grab bars can also be installed inside the bathtub. This helps one in steadying himself/herself while getting up from bathing. Grab bars are also quite inexpensive.
People can read this article and protect their bathroom floors from getting slippery.

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