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PostHeaderIcon Decorating Your Window With Striped Curtains

Striped Curtains, window decorWhen it comes to home décor, fabrics are the soul. The fabrics used in home decor give out the radiant feel of a warm and cozy home. The colors used need o be apt with the rest of the décor or persistent with the theme of the décor. Some of the most important fabrics related to home décor are carpets, rugs, door mats, bed sheets, pillow covers, table top covers and curtains.

When it comes to curtains people can experiment a lot but choosing the exact size of the curtains and the color and texture are very essential for home décor. The curtains can be dark colored which go with Victorian themes or light colored going with Tuscan themes. The curtains could be vertically or horizontally striped. Rooms with low ceilings are well suited with vertical stripes; even windows having a smaller size go well with the idea of vertically striped curtains.

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