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PostHeaderIcon Arrange Your Desk in an Interesting Manner

home improvement, home careWhen you’re at home and you have to sit down to do your work at your desk, that odd familiar feel of boredom and laziness always tend to creep in no matter what. This could be partially because of a messy desk. Make your desk interesting and you will feel like working more because of the “feel; good” factor.

First of all, see the things, which you need often and make sure they are well arranged in the front. Store away the rest in cabinets and drawers. Have a nice lamp for a warm feel. Keep the basics like a pen stand, laptop, sticky notes, note pads, etc nearby. Keep some space for a coaster and a glass or flask so that you don’t have to get up every time you need something. Put pictures, magnets and action figures around if you like. Interesting and pretty clips, stamps, and posters around the desk will inspire you more.

PostHeaderIcon Designer curtains for your bedroom

curtains for bedroomCurtains serve manifold purposes in your home. They protect your bedroom from getting exposed to strong light of the sun whereas on the other hand they also maintain your privacy. Even the curtains can make your bedroom look beautiful and attractive. There are various designs and styles available with the curtains. You need to select the right type of curtain depending on the interior of your bedroom as well according to your personal choice.

If you want a very royal and classy look for your bedroom, then bold colored curtains with various hand woven embroidery works are the best suited for you. You can also order some customized designs according to your personal taste.

You can go for light and simple floral prints or fabric designs for the curtains. The color of the curtains should be in compliance with the colors of the wall and the furniture in your bedroom. You can look in the local store for some of the most exotic designer curtains. You can even search in the online store where you can also get lucrative discounts.


PostHeaderIcon Feng Shui tips on bedroom colors

Feng Shui tips for bedroomFeng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of home décor that ensures positive energy at home. The oriental philosophy has been embraced widely today by interior designers from all over the world. The post below highlights on some important Feng Shui tips regarding your bedroom color.
Red is a preferred bedroom color as per the Feng Shui philosophy. Red symbolizes happiness and luck in china and of course, romance, passion and love. Thus, red is suggested for bedroom to create a romantic ambience inside. However, if you have a small room, team up the red with white for a more spacious feel. Then, blue is another favorite color for the bedroom. Blue reflects calmness, serenity and tranquility. As bedroom is the place to relax after a long tiring day, blue would be perfect to set the desired mood.
You can also use green as green is the symbol of vibrancy and prosperity and would being in the perfect energy zing inside the bed chamber.

PostHeaderIcon Combating The Problem Of Pests In Your Garden

pest controlThe busy schedules of the people nowadays make it impossible for them to take care of their otherwise well-maintained gardens. The end result of this is that their gardens are attacked by nasty pests. If you have a gorgeous garden then you should take an initiative to control the pests suitably.

Most of the people use chemical pesticides to combat the problem of pests in their garden because these pesticides have a faster effect on the pests. But in the long run the chemical pesticides turn out to be harmful. So you can use organic pesticides such as pyrethrum, neem etc. in your garden.

Never practice monoculture in your garden. Planting different plant species in your garden is a must. If possible invest in insects like lady bugs, lacewings etc which regard the garden pests as their food. Along with all this maintain the general cleanliness of the garden and your garden will surely be free from pests forever.

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