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Electric FireplaceElectric fireplaces as the name suggests is the replica of actual fireplaces. Since the supple of coal and natural wood is limited in our world, man has come up with a new technique to save up on the natural resources without compromising on its benefits. Electric fireplaces consume a power supply of 1.4-1.6 Watts which is sufficient to heat up a 400 square feet home. There are various techniques by which these fireplaces can run. Either the burning wood mode can be used which typically demonstrates the burning of wood and acts like a fireplace or it can be used as a general room heater too.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of this kind of fireplaces:

Primary advantage is that it does not require the house to be remodelled for installation. It can normally be attached or placed in the room without any hassle. Also, since there is no real fire the risk hazard automatically comes down. No real fire also means no real need for a chimney. Often these fireplaces are portable and can be transferred from room to room according to the needs of the person using it.

Where there are so many benefits there has to be dome drawbacks too. In case of load shedding these electric fireplaces may not even work making it worse. Since it works on electricity it is unable to give that much warmth or be as effective as the real fireplace. On top of that it uses a lot of power supply to run causing short circuits or fuse damage in a number of cases. These fireplaces can be very delicate and exposure to weather will cause them damage.

Safety precautions need to be followed in case of these fireplaces. Flammable materials should be kept away and should be turned off before leaving the house without fail.

PostHeaderIcon How to Make a Tree Stump Table

Tree Stump TableWood is becoming one material which is becoming very reliable and aesthetically pleasing. The demand for wood is on a rise as more and more people are going for wood to decorate or remodel their houses. Wooden furniture is expensive but a sign of sophistication and class hence luring more people o opt for wood instead of any other material. The price of wood keeps appreciating with time hence making it a very good investment option too.

A tree stump is a part of the tree, rather a block from the trunk of the tree cut out especially to make the tree stump tables. Many trees can be used for this purpose but the trees with the biggest decorative art designs are oak, juniper, walnut, pine, cedar and eucalyptus. The tree stump table is one of a kind interior decoration and is very appealing to the eye. It takes around 3-4 years to form. It can be cut out from a tree trunk but it takes that many years to completely dry out. There are unnatural method used for drying too called kiln-drying but they leave bigger cracks. The natural air drying process is the best where minimum cracks happen. After this process the skinning or sculpting process takes place where the unrequited extra limbs of that bark are removed. Then the initial sculpting is done by the sculptor followed by the smoothening by an orbital hand sander. The texture of the bark or wood stump depends on the tree bark which is being used. The height and effort too depends on the same factor.

To give it a more beautiful look, metal legs can be inserted into the bark to make it look more like a table. Metal and wood together creates a beautiful effect.

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Torch down roofingTorch down roofing is such roofing which is designed specifically for the flat roofs are low angled roofs. The name torch down roofing is derived from its way of implementation and installation and its adherence to the building structure. The part of the material which is in contact with the underneath sheathing is melted with the help of a torch for sealing the material. This is very much helpful in providing the secure hold and establishes a waterproof seal which is useful in preventing unwanted leaks. It the installation is done in an efficient manner then torch down roofing is such which can last for a long period of time. If it possesses two layer roofing then it can last for approximately 15 years and if it possesses a three layer system then it can last for 20 years or more.

Types of torch down roofing

You can get torch down roofing in two system two layer systems and three layer system. As the name suggests two layers roofing is made up of two layers one is base layer and another one is torch down roofing layer. In case of three layer system, it has a base layer, a smooth layer of torch down roofing and a third layer of torch down with a granular surface. These three layer system of torch down roofing is very much durable and lost lasting and it do not need much maintenance if it is installed properly.

As it is so good and durable it is more costly as compared to other roofing materials. Even though it is costly but still it is worth spending on torch down roofing as it has good resistancy to harsh weather conditions and it has a long life. You can also get some of the low cost options to replace torch down roofing which gives similar look as torch down roof but it results in decreasing the life of your roof. Opting this low cost alternative can prove to be more expensive in the long run as it’s life is short.  The price range of torch down roofing lies between $365 to $460 for an area of 1200 square feet. If you want to opt for superior grade material then it may cost you higher. The costing for superior materials sets between $365 to $1075. Higher price also gives you more benefits like long life span, longer period of warranty, thicker materials,                 better underlayment and higher damage resistancy.

Advantages of three layer torch down roofing

Three layer torch down roofing are good resistant to leaks. Torch down roofing is manufactured of rubberized asphalt material which is melted on the roof of your home with the help of a torch. Anyone who has a need of strong but flexible roof along with higher water resistancy should must opt for the torch down roofing. This type of roof also provides good protection from sun rays. If you are adding extra coats on your roof then you will also get the benefit fire resistant layer. Torch down roofing are also able to reflect suns UV rays which helps in keeping the temperature of the house cool and reduce electricity bills.

PostHeaderIcon Stainless Wire ropes are the best for building houses

Stainless Wire ropes building houseStainless Steel Wire Rope is very much used in the construction of barriers, staircases. If this is used in horizontal cases then 1/19 wire is considered to be the best. But if in any case vertical wires are to be selected then 7/7 or 7/19 should be the choice so that they can go around the bend at the bottom and at the topmost part of the handrails. At these very points the eyelets of the stainless steel is screwed into timber handrails or stainless tube handrails.

Stainless wire ropes have got its natural features of having large number of crevices. This makes it more vulnerable for absorbing salt, dirt which can start the process of corrosion. The 316 grade stainless steel that is considered to be one of the best and is known as the ‘marine grade’ will start corroding and rusting if it is not taken proper care of. One example that can be mentioned here is that of the 7/7 construction type wire that has 7 wire strands wound up together and seven of these are again wound up to make the final wire.

Products such as Lanotec and Prolan which are on natural Lanolin based material is ideal to apply on the surface of the wire as it helps to protect the wire from corrosion. This product along with the regular cleaning process and maintenance will ensure that the wire is in good condition and does not rust. If you find any rusting that has taken place then you can use a phosphoric acid base cleaner so as to bring back the good appearance of the stainless steel. It is also very important to note that salt deposits and dirt must be cleaned regularly. 316 marine grade steel must be used in coastal environment and smoother finish of the surface ensures better resistance to moisture.

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