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Greco-Roman Style BedroomNowadays designing a home has been made the easiest- just sit on the web and have access to designs from all over the world. A very interesting design for your home especially the bedroom would be designing your house in a Greco- roman way. This would mean having some similarities with the houses of Greece and Rome in the medieval periods. This gives a look of elegance and subdues the look of a modern flat to be a modern flat. It gives more of an old aged look making your house look rich both architecturally and aesthetically. Here are a few tips on how to go about it and make your work easier:
Floor: if you are going for a look alteration and have a wooden floor or something then go for a thick rug which might be having tiled pattern. If you are going to get your flooring done then obviously tile is the most suitable choice.

Walls: you can either do this on your own or hire a professional. Applying Venetian plaster on your walls would be one option or making your walls look like marble would be another option. You can use feathers to design the walls and make them look like marble or hire a faux painter who would do the needful.

Fabrics: usually the Greco- roman styles are characterised by heavy looking fabrics. Brocade and velvet are the preferable ones and always work. The work done on the fabrics are also what makes a difference. Stick to dark colours- green or cranberries preferably.
Furniture: light neutral coloured furniture which lack in the modern trends is obviously the ones which are best suited for this design. Clear lines should definitely be avoided in furniture. A simple bed or a canopy bed would be just fine.

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