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PostHeaderIcon 5 things to remember while moving

house movingHouse shifting is a huge deal foe many as they dwell in rented houses. Even if you are shifting from a rented house to a new and permanent one, shifting is a headache. For the people who have to do it, here a few things you need to keep in mind while moving:

1. throw away things you don’t need

Do not keep the packing process of packing due till very late. It is best to do the packing beforehand and at least by the day before you move. If you don’t do so, you will panic at the last moment and throw in everything in the boxes. Even things that you don’t need. Eliminate things that you will not need before you start packing. Decide what you want to do with the things you don’t need-throw or sell them.

2. Measure the new place

There may be instances where your furniture do not fit in the place you are moving to. So make sure that you measure the place and decide which furniture to put where according to the measurements of the room. Visit the place you are going to move to and take all the accurate measurements.

3. Get the help of a professional

You may have a lot of furniture or heavy furniture. Moving this all by you may end up in a sprained back or waist ache. When you hire a professional, loading, unloading and setting of goods become their problem and not yours. This way, they even insure your goods and you can be sure that in case of any damage during loading and unloading does not take a toll on you.

4. Inform the neighbors your moving date

This is to inform them that their area might face a bit of chaos due to the big trucks arriving and they can also be of help if they volunteer to help you unpack.

5. Box everything up

Putting your belongings in a box is a great idea because it makes the moving easier. When your things are boxed up, you can carry more than a box at a time. It might seem easier to you to just put everything in a bag and then carry it. But what you are forgetting is that a bag is something that puts everything together in a jumbled form and this might damage all the things. Pulling a bag can also be a struggle. In case you have little stuff, you can use medium or small bags. Tag each and every box. Put a list on each box mentioning the things that it contains and also write where it should be kept. This way it becomes easier to unpack after reaching your destination. These boxes are available in packs. Usually in packs of 10, they are available at any chain store near you and cost a maximum of $20. In case you want harder boxes, you can find them at the book stores. For some really heavy items, plastic crates are your only option.

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