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PostHeaderIcon Pros and Cons of Cedar Roofing

cedar roofingCedar roofing is another name of wood roofing. Cedar is a special type of wood which is very useful for the purposes of roofing. There are different roofing materials which have their different characteristic in their own. It is not possible that there is no con in any roofing method. If there are pros than cons are also certainly attached to it. Homeowners have their own choices to selecting a suitable roofing method for their homes, so they can elect any roofing method and install in their home. Cedar roofing is considered as the roofing method with its beauty that lasts for many years. Many advantages are there of cedar roofing which will help the owner of house to decide whether to install cedar roofing or not.


  1. Cedar roofing is easy and less time consuming to install in your home. As wood roofing is less expensive, cedar roofing is also less expensive to construct. If properly maintained than cedar roofing can last for a long time period of time. This type of roofing is easily available and the roofing contractor installs it with orderly materials.


  1. Cedar roofing has fascinating beauty of its texture which gives a beautiful look to your home. This wood is very artistic and installing it is better option from those of other methods of roofing.


  1. As wood is an environmental element it is eco friendly in nature and it does not harm or create pollution while the installation of cedar roofing. Because of its cooling texture it keeps the roof cool and saves energy efficiently.


  1. Cedar woods are considered to be the woods which have the longest durable nature. They are beautiful and can last for a long span of time. They can last for even more than fifty years. Cedar roofing is useful for protecting the house from unwanted weather.


  1. Cedar roofing is useful for resistant. It is highly resistive from fire. Cedar roofing is helpful in protecting the house from heavy rainfall, wind, storms, etc. it also creates natural insulation more as compared to that of other roofing methods.



  1. The cost of installing cedar roofing is more as compared to that of roofing methods because the materials needed in constructing it are expensive. But if is the option of lifetime investment for your home than installing cedar roofing can be considered as the better roofing method.


  1. Every roof needs a proper maintenance for increasing their life, but cedar roofing requires more maintenance because it is made up of wood and secondly this wood is costly than normal wood. There are chances of water drainage and leakages in the roof if not maintained in an ordered manner.


  1. Only those homeowner can install it who can afford the expenses of cedar roofing because no doubt it gives a fantastic look to your home but its maintenance cost and installation cost is much higher than other methods of roofing like metal roofing, asphalt roofing or tile roofing.


  1. The roofing contractor who is constructing cedar roofing should structure in a perfect order so that any leakage or cracks does not arise and creates problems.


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