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Closet organizingOrganizing your closet would feel like having a transformation of your closet. If you have a closet full of mess then having it organized will make it more sensible and beautiful.  A cluttered closet will not let you find any single thing when you actually need it hence organizing your4 closet becomes a pre requisite if you like your things to be managed and reachable. While organizing your closet, don’t just organize it, and keep it in a way that is helpful to you. Keep in mind which things you need the most and keep it easily reachable. While organizing your closet, you should also consider taking out those things which you no longer take in use or are seasonal things and not to be used by you on a regular basis. Here are some of the easy and interesting tips which will help you while organizing your closet.

  • Take out all the stuff from your closet. This is the most basic and common step of organizing your closet. Taking all the things out at once will let you know the space you have and the stuff you have to be organized in that space.
  • The next step or organizing your closet is to clean it from inside and outside in a proper manner. Your closet contains your valuable things and you don’t want your valuable things to get spoiled and hence make sure to clean your closet before you organize your closet.
  • Take out all those stuff which you no longer take in use. This will remove the extra blockage of space from your closet and give you more added space for organizing your closet.
  • Divide your stuff into categories. This category can be as per your choice, whether you want to categorize as per the usage or as per new and old or as per the type of clothes. Keep all your t-shirts aside and fold them in similar pattern. This will help you to keep your stuff in managed form. You can also use hanger to hang your clothes and save you some space.
  • Now you must be having lots of accessories, divide them and spate the new accessories and old one. You can either organize your closet by putting your accessories in drawers or you can hang them on the side doors of the closet. This will help you decorate your closet along with saving you some space while organizing your closet.
  • Now it’s the time for shoes. Shoes are one such thing which blocks up much of the space in your closet, thus it is advisable to have a shoe rack and organize your shoes in that. Another option of keeping your shoes while organizing your closet is that gets some boxes and fit your shoes in that. Keep one or two in pairs of shoes which you wear regularly in the closet and put rest of the others in boxes and put them on the top of your closet. You can do the same thing with your seasonal clothes.

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