PostHeaderIcon Arrange Your Desk in an Interesting Manner

home improvement, home careWhen you’re at home and you have to sit down to do your work at your desk, that odd familiar feel of boredom and laziness always tend to creep in no matter what. This could be partially because of a messy desk. Make your desk interesting and you will feel like working more because of the “feel; good” factor.

First of all, see the things, which you need often and make sure they are well arranged in the front. Store away the rest in cabinets and drawers. Have a nice lamp for a warm feel. Keep the basics like a pen stand, laptop, sticky notes, note pads, etc nearby. Keep some space for a coaster and a glass or flask so that you don’t have to get up every time you need something. Put pictures, magnets and action figures around if you like. Interesting and pretty clips, stamps, and posters around the desk will inspire you more.

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