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carpet stainsYour carpet is certainly one of your most treasured possessions. Carpets or rugs are classy additions to any home, accentuating the overall look of the house by a great extent. However, as the carpets are kept bare on the floor all the time, these are highly susceptible to unsightly stains and marks. But not to worry, carpet blemishes are well removable if only taken care on time. The article here highlights on the best products that would help in fighting the carpet stains.


This is one of the viable aides while treating a marked carpet. If the stains are light, a mix of vinegar (half cup) and salt (2 tablespoons) would work to get rid off it. For darker and larger stains, use borax (2 tablespoons) with the mixture. After you apply the solution on the carpet, let it dry which would be then followed by a good vacuum cleaning. For tougher stains on the carpet, mix vinegar (1 tablespoon) with cornstarch (1 tablespoon) & rub the paste on the stained area with a dry rag. Let it rest for a couple of days- then vacuum.


This is another very useful product to free the carpet from salt. Red wine stains on white carpet definitely create some of the nastiest remarks. But don’t worry as there are ways to get rid of it easily. As soon as you spill red wine on your carpet, dilute the red shade with white wine. Then, clean up the area with cold water and sponge. After that, sprinkle some salt on the area & wait for ten minutes. Finally, vacuum up the entire mess. In case, you have got sauce marks on your carpet, mix salt with rubbing alcohol (1:4) & rub it well on the sauce stain.


You can remove the carpet stains by an ammonia-water (1 cup ammonia & 2 l warm water) solution.

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