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bedroom colorHave you decided to get a fresh coat for your bedroom this time? Well, paint is the first word whenever planning a bedroom make over and nothing attests a renewed look than a jolly roll of shade. When it comes to bedroom, you have to several hues to pick from but again not every shade on the color wheel is going to work here. The article here highlights on the best tones that would be perfect for your bed chamber.


You can never go wrong with blue when you have planned it for your bedroom. Blue is the shade for tranquility and serenity- hence a blue bedroom comes up with the ideal ambience for relaxation where you would love to lay down after a hard day’s work.


Next to blue, it’s green which dominates the color lists for bedroom. Green carries a refreshing and energizing effect that help to keep you super charged. There are varied shades of green but mint green is the apt-most choice when it comes to bedrooms.


If you need to add on little vibrancy in your bedroom, pink is the ultimate choice- more precise French fuchsia pink. The color is a wonderful display of rich pink sheen but within a limit- it won’t ever appear overwhelming and too hot for a bedroom.


Ivory is a great choice if you planning a pristine look for the bedroom. It’s especially brilliant when you have a comparatively smaller bedroom. Actually, small rooms demand lighter shades as light tones work to create an illusion of space inside, making it more airy and bright. In case you feel, ivory would be too stark for the room, pep it up with fuchsia or red. You can use these bright tones on any one of the walls (the focal wall) for a regal contrast.

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