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PostHeaderIcon Repair flush leakage by own.

Flush leakage of toilet is a common problem that we come across in our day to day life. A normal flush contains two valves, a flush and a refill valve. Whenever the flush valve fails to get seated properly, water is leaked from the tank into the bowl. The leaked tank water is refilled by the refill valve, causing a repeated flow of water. What we can do is to check for a leaky flush valve, shut off the water supply to it and mark the water level. If the level has fallen below the mark, the flush valve is leaking.

If not, then the leak is caused by refill valve and we can replace it with a new one. To check both, we drop some food coloring into the toilet tank when the tank is fully refilled after a flush. Then before re-flushing, inspect the toilet bowl for signs of color. If the bowl has a hue then it has a leak and we can apply the proper adhesive in that place.

PostHeaderIcon Types of toilet for your house.

Toilets are associated to most of the environmental and financial problems. The toilets are concerned with the conservation of water. So it must be designed on a way that it satisfies all the needs. It must not be the case that the size of the toilet has to be big enough to space in everything. The toilet can be designed in such a way to place all the requirements in the small place available.

However, if you are looking for a composting toilet, you may be a bit confused by the selection and the different models currently available. There are literally dozens of composting toilet system manufacturers offering a variety of different types and features on composting toilet systems to choose from. However, in general, there are just two basic types of compost toilets that you must choose between for your home: self-contained or split (also known as “remote”). Just check out the model you need for.

PostHeaderIcon How to get a squeaky clean bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom is a dreaded chore. It is that one place in the house which is more prone to germs and therefore requires extensive cleaning. Always begin with cleaning the mirror. Squirt some liquid window cleaner onto the mirror, wipe the window with a dry cloth or paper towel until no streaks are left behind. Get rid of the unnecessary clutter in the sink. Then spray the liquid cleaner onto the sink and scrub till it is sparkling. Rinse off with water and dry it with a clean paper towel.

Wipe off the dust from the toothbrush holders, soap cases. Clean the toilet lid, spray the toilet cleaner into the commode, and thoroughly clean the area below the toilet bowl and beneath the seat. Scrub off that area well and rinse with water. Clean the shower tub with an abrasive scouring powder and sponge the walls with the purpose cleaner. Sweep the floor well with floor cleaner and hot water, take away the rugs and send them to the washer, once washed and dried put them back. The trash cans need to be emptied every morning.

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