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PostHeaderIcon Best colors for your bedroom

bedroom colorHave you decided to get a fresh coat for your bedroom this time? Well, paint is the first word whenever planning a bedroom make over and nothing attests a renewed look than a jolly roll of shade. When it comes to bedroom, you have to several hues to pick from but again not every shade on the color wheel is going to work here. The article here highlights on the best tones that would be perfect for your bed chamber.


You can never go wrong with blue when you have planned it for your bedroom. Blue is the shade for tranquility and serenity- hence a blue bedroom comes up with the ideal ambience for relaxation where you would love to lay down after a hard day’s work.


Next to blue, it’s green which dominates the color lists for bedroom. Green carries a refreshing and energizing effect that help to keep you super charged. There are varied shades of green but mint green is the apt-most choice when it comes to bedrooms.


If you need to add on little vibrancy in your bedroom, pink is the ultimate choice- more precise French fuchsia pink. The color is a wonderful display of rich pink sheen but within a limit- it won’t ever appear overwhelming and too hot for a bedroom.


Ivory is a great choice if you planning a pristine look for the bedroom. It’s especially brilliant when you have a comparatively smaller bedroom. Actually, small rooms demand lighter shades as light tones work to create an illusion of space inside, making it more airy and bright. In case you feel, ivory would be too stark for the room, pep it up with fuchsia or red. You can use these bright tones on any one of the walls (the focal wall) for a regal contrast.

PostHeaderIcon Designer curtains for your bedroom

curtains for bedroomCurtains serve manifold purposes in your home. They protect your bedroom from getting exposed to strong light of the sun whereas on the other hand they also maintain your privacy. Even the curtains can make your bedroom look beautiful and attractive. There are various designs and styles available with the curtains. You need to select the right type of curtain depending on the interior of your bedroom as well according to your personal choice.

If you want a very royal and classy look for your bedroom, then bold colored curtains with various hand woven embroidery works are the best suited for you. You can also order some customized designs according to your personal taste.

You can go for light and simple floral prints or fabric designs for the curtains. The color of the curtains should be in compliance with the colors of the wall and the furniture in your bedroom. You can look in the local store for some of the most exotic designer curtains. You can even search in the online store where you can also get lucrative discounts.


PostHeaderIcon Feng Shui tips on bedroom colors

Feng Shui tips for bedroomFeng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of home décor that ensures positive energy at home. The oriental philosophy has been embraced widely today by interior designers from all over the world. The post below highlights on some important Feng Shui tips regarding your bedroom color.
Red is a preferred bedroom color as per the Feng Shui philosophy. Red symbolizes happiness and luck in china and of course, romance, passion and love. Thus, red is suggested for bedroom to create a romantic ambience inside. However, if you have a small room, team up the red with white for a more spacious feel. Then, blue is another favorite color for the bedroom. Blue reflects calmness, serenity and tranquility. As bedroom is the place to relax after a long tiring day, blue would be perfect to set the desired mood.
You can also use green as green is the symbol of vibrancy and prosperity and would being in the perfect energy zing inside the bed chamber.

PostHeaderIcon Amazing design plans for a bedroom

bedroom designIf you are planning to design your bedroom in the most innovative way, then there are many options for you which you can consider while designing your bedroom. For designing your bedroom in the most amazing way, you have to take care of each and every single details of your bedroom. From bed to the side tables to the wardrobe to the curtains, everything in your bedroom should be taken care of while designing your bedroom.

You can visit the nearest furniture store to get a bed perfect for your bedroom. You can also get a customized designed bed for your bedroom. If you are looking for some particular design style like French or Oriental or Classic, you have to take care of the design patterns carefully.

You can even fit a chandelier or lamp shades to give your bedroom French look. The bed, side tables and the curtains having oriental design pattern can give your bedroom an oriental look. You can even search over the internet to look for some awesome design plans for your bedroom.

PostHeaderIcon How to Budget For Your Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom decor, bedroomAre you tired with the same old look of your bedroom and are dying to bring about a positive change? The method is simple. Use the right elements to change the décor of your bedroom to give it a complete makeover. Giving a room a makeover doesn’t always have to mean that you have to spend a lot. The trick is to use your imagination to use what you have in a different manner. First of all, change the look of the walls. You don’t have to go for expensive paint. Instead you could get good and cheap wallpaper and decorate the room. Go for patterned walls on 3 walls and choose plain wallpaper on one.

Use plain bed sheets and patterned pillow cases for a glam look. For the lighting you could try using fairy lights. They give a warm and welcoming feel to the room. You can also use glass bottles and hang them in front of your window, entwined with fairy lights. Use hanging flowering plants and a cute rug to complete the look.

PostHeaderIcon Making Your Own Personalized Bed Sheet Covers

Personalized Bed Sheet Covers, bed sheetsPersonalized stuffs have become the latest trend of the present market. You can personalize almost anything in the present day. These personalized items are regarded as the best ways to add some personal touch to your decor. Making a room for your kid needs an extra bit of care and personal touch. Adding an extra bit of touch with the personalized bed covers will give the personal touch to the room.

For making a personalized bed sheet you will first need to measure the size of your bed. According to the size of your bed you will need to make your own bed sheet. You can sew your own bed sheet with the sewing machine that you have. In the personalized bed sheet you can have special personalised photographs or even designs that will suit your room decor well. These personalised bed sheets are also a good gifting option for you to gift it to someone closer to you.

PostHeaderIcon How room dividers can do wonders to your décor

room dividers, room decorThe main reason why people opt for room dividers is that there is minimal chance of your decorating ideas not turning out well. The designs, styles and the way you can use the dividers to decorate are many in numbers. Not only will these decorate your room, but also provide extra storage space. The best options for room dividers are the sliding or the folding ones. People who wish to divide the space and have complete privacy can use the dividers which will reach from the ceiling to the floor.

You can add accessories to the divider to enhance its look in your room. With your room divided by a divider, you can decorate it in two styles. You need to decide on the furniture and other room accessories, where they need to be placed. Using of your room space will become much more convenient than you might have thought of.

PostHeaderIcon Color palette for painting your bedroom

People now have a lot to choose from when it comes to coloring the walls and ceiling of their house. The bedroom is the place which you can color the way you want it to be. You do not have to think about the guests and other people’s view for coloring the bedroom because it is your personal room. You have different color palettes to choose from when you decide on painting your bedroom.

Some color palettes are bold and intimate while some are soft and light colors. Always keep the furniture texture in mind when you decide on the colors for your bedroom walls. Single color walls are not the choice for most people these days. People prefer to play with color mixtures to paint their wall. You can get nice designer textures for the walls of your bedroom. You can even paint the bedroom like the ones you find at a fancy hotel suite.

PostHeaderIcon Bedroom sofas, a place to relax

A lot of people do not like the idea of adding sofas or futons in their bedrooms. However, you can be rest assured that a bedroom sofa will be a great addition to your bedroom and you can relax in the sofa when you don’t want to go to bed just yet.

One of the most popular choices for sofas in the bedroom is the sectional sofa. Sectional sofas come in different styles and designs and you can take your pick from a wide array of colors, dimension and material. The best thing with sectional sofas is that it combines armchairs and loveseats and therefore, saves a lot of space.

Sectional sofas usually have multiple sections and therefore having the sofa in your bedroom will add both comfort and style. Sectional sofas are a must have in your bedroom and will give your bedroom a classy look. It will also add a positive energy to the bedroom.

PostHeaderIcon Sleep in a luxurious water bed

The ancient single large bladder waterbeds filled with garden hose pipes is a passé. Waterbeds are now available in various forms depending on your sleeping needs and bodyweight. Some people like floating in the waterbed, however there are “wave-less” options available too for those do not like rolling on the waves. The classic sleep-perfect waterbed is not only wave-less but also adjusts to the shape of the body and gives you the firmest back support. It has absolutely nil moving rates that combine water and batting to give you a sound sleep.

Then there are the Stroble waterbeds which are available in single, king and queen sizes. It has thermostat controls and lumbar region support feature. Also, there is a land and sky waterbed which has lightweight cylinders of shallow fill design to provide you the right body alignment for a sound sleep. If you are a person who sleeps on your side ensure you purchase a durable waterbed as all your bodyweight falls on a smaller portion of the waterbed causing more pressure points.

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