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PostHeaderIcon Get your patio some sheer curtains

Decorate patio with curtains, curtainsYou may want to decorate your patio of your house by some curtains to give your house a classic and aesthetic look. You can find various qualities of curtains to be used in your patio and cost will depend on the quality of the curtain used. You can also see various designs available in net. You can use remote controlled curtains to give our house a new look. You can then work in kitchen and if you need more sunlight then you can use it to remove the curtains. The curtain colors should complement with the color of the house.

The white curtains with light designs will go well with most of the wall colors. You can tie up the curtains in the mornings and day time for more entrance of light. These curtains enhance the beauty of the home greatly. You can also fix curtains in pool side, in the garden side, in the open space. These curtains can allow you to let sunlight in your rooms and thus make your rooms look fresh and bright.

PostHeaderIcon How you can go wrong with the color yellow

color yellow,Blinds & CurtainThe color yellow has a lot of significance. One draws comparison between the sun and the color yellow or in other words, it means a ray of hope. It is a bright color and it can lighten up any surrounding place. The proper shade of yellow if employed can completely change the look and effect. But keeping that in mind, one must exercise caution while using the color yellow. Too much of yellow can make you look like an omelet.

Let us first consider clothes. The color yellow is primarily a day shade and must be avoided at night as the effect might be too bright making it undesirable. When we consider yellow for our house, choosing the proper shade of yellow is of utmost importance and based upon that particular shade, the rest of the furniture and the décor items must be chosen to avoid making them look out of place and making the house look repulsive.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to clean and maintain your blinds

In order to maintain good health and sound mind, it is very important to clean your home regularly. If you have blind windows, then one simple thing we would like to share with you is that, blinds have a natural tendency to attract dust. We can suggest you some useful tips to clean your blinds especially. Please have a look and surely you will find it to be a beneficiary one.

If you have wooden blinds, then strictly avoid water. Instead of using water you can use brush, dust cloth or vacuum cleaner carefully. In dusting the blinds, cotton socks is another useful thing. But if you possess aluminum blinds, then you can easily use chemically treated dust cloths or mild detergent as well.

If you clean your blinds regularly, you can not only avoid dust allergies but also serious health problems and keep your family members hale and hearty.

PostHeaderIcon Difference between curtains and draperies

In most of cases people tend to think that there is no difference between draperies and curtains but the actual fact is otherwise. Let’s make a distinction between them. Whenever we use fabrics to cover doors and windows then it is called curtain. These types of fabrics are light, casual and are capable of passing light and air and there are no lined textures in curtain fabrics.

But the fabrics of draperies are heavy, and it has decorative patterns in its front and lined textures in its back. Where the curtain fabrics are of different prints and colors, the look of draperies clothes are generally formal with pastel shades and they don’t represent large varieties also.

The transparency of draperies is thicker than curtains because draperies are used for home decors only. In spite of these differences between curtains and draperies in most of the households both of these are combined together to reflect a unique look and this trend has been gaining rapid enthusiasm among interior decorators and common people all over the universe.

PostHeaderIcon Prepare Yourself of the Curtains

Curtains can make your house look really attractive. However, the look can turn out to be a disaster if you do not focus on choosing these carefully. Hence it is important to take out some time to choose the best of curtains for your home. Remember that it is only the right choice that will make your home look great. You would be definitely surprised to see that a simple room can turn in to something really special after the installation of curtains.

The market is full of choices. You would be surprised to know that you can select from a huge variety of designs, styles and patterns when it comes to decorating your home with curtains. Make sure you keep in mind the adequate length of curtains and existing décor of your home before selecting the curtains. Floor-length curtains can prove to be the best choice for sash windows in your house. These are also ideal for picture windows or French windows.

PostHeaderIcon Furnish your bedroom with stylish and luxurious curtains

Are you planning to redo your bedroom? If you are then try to furnish your bedroom with beautiful curtains. Stylish curtains look great and can add a different look to your bedroom. The most important function of curtains is to cut off the extra light and this is very important in a bedroom.

Curtains in wonderful colors are nothing less than inspirational pieces of bedroom décor and they can become the focal point of your bedroom, if you do it right. To enhance the decorative trait of the curtains, you can alter the shape, hue, fabric and stitching pattern of your bedroom curtains.

After you select the color of your curtains, choose bedroom items that will go with the curtains. Repeat the color of the curtains at least thrice in the bedroom. This will provide balance to the bedroom design. Choose wall paints that will go well with the curtains. You can go in for jewel tones for the walls. This will enhance the overall beauty of the curtains.

PostHeaderIcon Furnish the dining area with beaded curtains

The right choice of curtains is an important component of your home décor. When furnishing your dining room, a great option that you must consider is beaded curtains. They act as amazingly great room dividers, in case your dining space is adjoining to the living area or kitchen. Or you can even get them to fit the windows and doors. If you are going for an Asian style décor or bohemian look, you must go for a beaded curtain.

Bead curtains are available in a number of colors, sizes, shapes and motifs. Also, you will find beads made of glass, wood, plastic, acrylic, crystals, bamboo or gemstones. So, you will definitely not be limited with choices that perfectly match your room décor. It is a relatively inexpensive and amazingly beautiful way to deck up the dining room. For those creatively inclined, you can also design and make your own beaded curtains by spending little effort.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate your windows with colorful blinds

The age old technique of hanging curtains on the windows is passé. Vertical or horizontal blinds come in an array of colors and style. Materials like vinyl, metal, wood can be used if your room is prone to dust but to give a refined look, fabric blinds are great if blended in with the decor. If your house has wide-sized windows and doors then the vertical blinds should be the clear choice as it has the power to control the amount of sunlight coming inside the room.

When choosing the color for the blinds, select a color that is in sync with the wall and décor color of the room. Ideally choose a neutral color like cream, off-white or beige as it complements any décor. Vertical blinds come in various forms, like a narrow or wide one. Narrow slants suit a smaller room better and for large room’s wider slants work best. Colorful Blinds also come with remote control features to open and close them while relaxing in your bed /sofa but determine if you require a left, right or split draw control.

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