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PostHeaderIcon Combating The Problem Of Pests In Your Garden

pest controlThe busy schedules of the people nowadays make it impossible for them to take care of their otherwise well-maintained gardens. The end result of this is that their gardens are attacked by nasty pests. If you have a gorgeous garden then you should take an initiative to control the pests suitably.

Most of the people use chemical pesticides to combat the problem of pests in their garden because these pesticides have a faster effect on the pests. But in the long run the chemical pesticides turn out to be harmful. So you can use organic pesticides such as pyrethrum, neem etc. in your garden.

Never practice monoculture in your garden. Planting different plant species in your garden is a must. If possible invest in insects like lady bugs, lacewings etc which regard the garden pests as their food. Along with all this maintain the general cleanliness of the garden and your garden will surely be free from pests forever.

PostHeaderIcon 5 tips to convert your unruly backyard into an exotic lawn

tips to décor backyard, design a lawnAn unruly backyard gives a rather untidy and dirty impression of the house and its people to outsiders and for this very reason one must always keep the backyard really clean and tidy and converting it into a lawn will be a very good decision. The first thing that you have to do is to clean up the lawn and cut all the over grown grass and shrubs. Mow your lawn every week to get those proper sized small grasses which give your lawn a velvety touch. Now you can put in a few plants which will enhance the beauty of your lawn.

Herbs, Mosses, vines and shrubs are the four types which you can place in your lawn. Few plants which will give your lawn that charming effect are Bougainvillea, Ivy, Morning Glory, Mint, Peony, Ferns, Common Juniper, Lavender, and Periwinkle along with Red moss capsules, Mountain Pine and Wall screw moss. Add a few sprinklers and there you have it, a beautiful lawn.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating lawn? Don’t miss the cane furniture

Are you decorating your lawn? Well, adding plants and rocks and making your lawn green will definitely work well but, you need to remember how important lawn furniture is. And talking of lawn furniture a really great choice will be cane furniture. Cane furniture is one of the most popular modern furniture and people are going gaga over it.

Cane is a well liked assortment and having cane chairs and sofas in your lawn is a really wonderful idea. Cane furniture is also known as rattan furniture and cane has certain great qualities. Cane belongs to the category of hardwood and is a powerful wood that is long lasting. And therefore your cane chairs and sofas will last a lifetime.

Cane furniture is fashionable and appealing other than being organic and there are a wide variety of styles and designs that you can take your pick from. However, try not to keep your cane furniture in the sun for long hours.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate your doorway with plants

An impressive plant in an exquisite container can enhance the beauty of your doorway. A clipped bay plant in an elaborate pot or an eye-catching bamboo in a traditional style container adds up to the beauty. Choose pots that complement the color and style of your house. A white-color wood, metal or stone planter material works best for an antique traditional home. Always select seasonal plants with seasonal colors and fragrance for the front door.

If you are using an antique stone pot then use shrubs. Clipped shrubs in a topiary shape are also good but they come slightly expensive, however if you learn the art of clipping them then you can clip box plants in any geometric shape you want. For continual beauty throughout the year, go for conifers as clipped bay tend to get damaged during winters unlike conifers that remain fresh and elegant year-round. Good fragrant plants like lilac in summers or hyacinths during winters arouse a good feeling from visitors at the door. Surround your doorway with climbers to make it look attractive.

PostHeaderIcon Want fresh veggies? Plant in your backyard

Freshness is the demand of the season. Fresh vegetables are an essential ingredient to your diet as it gives you the required vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are of finest quality at the crest of their season. Nothing is better than growing vegetables on your own backyard. It’s cheap, fresh and devoid of the harmful chemicals. Here are a few tips to garden your own backyard with vegetables.

Firstly, select the right location on your backyard. Ample amount of sunlight is needed for the sustenance of vegetable plant life. The soil on which the plants are sowed needs to be enriched with nutrients for a decent growth. Last but not the least; pour in the right amount of water to your vegetable plants. Water the garden frequently and see to it that the drainage is consistent to avoid rotting. Pursue these tips and soon your diet will brim with healthy freshness.

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