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PostHeaderIcon Easy Budget Decorating Ideas

Budget Decorating IdeasAre you looking forward to renovate your house before the summer arrives? Well, it is indeed a good idea. But if you don’t want to spend much money and still want a refreshed look for your sweet abode then you must follow some tips and guidelines. It is completely a myth that house decoration with its entirety depends upon a lot of money. Intelligent investment and planned moves can also give good results that can make your friends and relatives surprised.

Get a mind frame: Remember that renovating house with a limited budget is not a huge project to be worried about. Doing simple things can work wonderfully and you learn some tricks for that. First of all find out the corners of your house or furniture and article, which you want to get rid of completely. Make a list of that. Once you are done with it, then you will be able to play around the remaining things.

Garage shops: You must get a decent idea about the significance of the garage shops that sell cheap yet great looking objects to make your house renovated. If you don’t have the habit to visit the sale markets, start developing it now. Buy bits and pieces from these markets and give your home an alternative look. Storing hugely pricey things may not always make your house look awesome.

Change lampshades: Change the gaudy looking lights, lampshades of your house and replace them with simple looking lights. Stick to lights or lampshades that are sleek, nice and small and can be easily placed at any of the room of your house.

Wall paint: If you are bored with the traditional deep shades on your wall then time has come to change them. Summer is the season when you love seeing pale yet sweet colors around you. Don’t go for too much tacky shades, rather off white, lime, light purple, sky blue will not only make you feel refreshed but will add a soothing touch to your rooms.

Updating dressings of window: If during the winter and spring you have used heavy curtains with lots of layers and frills, now time has come to replace them with something light yet beautiful. You should keep those heavy curtains hang with the rest of your room decked up as cool as it could be for summer. Light windy curtains with soft colors like beige, white or refreshing green will give your room a great ambience. You can also install nice looking mini blinds in all the windows of your house.

Plant indoor trees: Install several small medicinal plants and shrubs in your house. Plant indoor plants and small bonsai trees to give your house a fresh look. Having a green view surrounding your home is also good for eyes and this also does not cost much.
So what are you waiting for, just follow these simple tips and give your home an entirely new look for the upcoming season.

PostHeaderIcon Greco-Roman Style Bedroom

Greco-Roman Style BedroomNowadays designing a home has been made the easiest- just sit on the web and have access to designs from all over the world. A very interesting design for your home especially the bedroom would be designing your house in a Greco- roman way. This would mean having some similarities with the houses of Greece and Rome in the medieval periods. This gives a look of elegance and subdues the look of a modern flat to be a modern flat. It gives more of an old aged look making your house look rich both architecturally and aesthetically. Here are a few tips on how to go about it and make your work easier:
Floor: if you are going for a look alteration and have a wooden floor or something then go for a thick rug which might be having tiled pattern. If you are going to get your flooring done then obviously tile is the most suitable choice.

Walls: you can either do this on your own or hire a professional. Applying Venetian plaster on your walls would be one option or making your walls look like marble would be another option. You can use feathers to design the walls and make them look like marble or hire a faux painter who would do the needful.

Fabrics: usually the Greco- roman styles are characterised by heavy looking fabrics. Brocade and velvet are the preferable ones and always work. The work done on the fabrics are also what makes a difference. Stick to dark colours- green or cranberries preferably.
Furniture: light neutral coloured furniture which lack in the modern trends is obviously the ones which are best suited for this design. Clear lines should definitely be avoided in furniture. A simple bed or a canopy bed would be just fine.

PostHeaderIcon Renovate your home in French style

home in French styleAre you bored with the decoration of your home? Are you planning to renovate your home recently? In case you are going for renovation of your home, then renovating your home in the French style is the best thing you can consider doing. Well renovation in French style is not a very difficult thing. You can do it on your own provided you do some research on the French style of décor. You can seek some professional assistance as well but then it may be expensive to hire some interior decorator. If you can decorate the interior of your home with French accessories, then your house will get the look and appearance of traditional French home. Well you can look for French house hold décor accessories in the shops dealing with interior décor accessories. You can even look for such things in the online store where you may expect to get some discount.

The French accessories are mainly characterized by their elegant colors, shapes and designing patterns. A very good accessory for interior of your home to impart a French look to your home is the French candle holders. The French candle holders are different from other candle holders in their shapes and styles. The French candle holders come in various colors. You must keep in mind the color scheme of your home whole choosing a French candle holder.

Installing French lightings will also impart a proper French appearance to your home. In such case a French chandelier is the best option for your home. But due to the huge cost of the chandeliers, not everyone can afford one. In that case you can also go for the French style lamp shades which are much cheap and affordable and also impart a French style to the décor of your home.

PostHeaderIcon Beautifying your home with wrought iron

wrought iron furniture designsDo you want to add a new element to your home décor but are not sure how and where to get started? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you need to know that you are not alone. A lot of homeowners are at a loss when it comes to adding new elements to their existing home décor; in fact, planning a home décor from scratch is a lot easier. However, if you want add a unique touch to your home décor than you can opt for wrought iron. Wrought iron is a beautiful way to enhance the appeal and allure of your home.

When it comes to incorporating wrought iron items, then your walls should be your starting point. Quality artwork can always spell wonders for your home décor and a wrought iron artwork will add to the charm of your walls and increase its beauty manifold. Metal wall art pieces are quite popular at the moment and you can get wrought iron wall art at reasonable rates. If you are not able to find a wall art piece that you would want to adorn your walls, then a wrought iron clock or a mirror will work fine.

In the dining room and the living room, you can keep wrought iron candle stand. These candle stands come in different styles and designs and you can choose the stands that will complement the overall décor of your home. Wall candles and lamps made with wrought iron are also very beautiful and when you choose tastefully, these can transcend the appeal of your rooms. If the windows of your rooms have curtains then you can purchase some wrought iron curtain rods that are handcrafted. If budget is not an issue for you, then you can install a wrought iron staircase in the house.

PostHeaderIcon Use shades of white in your home for a calm look

Home decor ideas, home decorWhen going to remodel your home it is best to know the theme you want to go along with. One of the most exciting themes is the Tuscan theme. This involves light colors which have a calming effect and radiates peace and serenity. The color white and yellow are most associated to the Tuscan theme with pastel shades of yellow and green along with it.

The color white on the fabric and the light shades of white on the walls give your home a very clean look and make it an instant place of rest and calm. This also makes your room bright and lively full of life as it reflects more light and gives a brilliant sheen in the sunlight.

The look of peace and calm on your home is very infectious and gives relief for all those who are leading very hectic and busy lifestyles in their day to day lives. It becomes an escape for many and calms your mind. White shades in your home theme for that extra bit of serenity are always welcome.

PostHeaderIcon Mixing old and new ideas for a grand living room décor

living room decor, home decorIf you are searching for a proper décor for your living room, then you should both the old and new ideas for interior decoration. The people now days don’t really take in to account the old home decorating ideas because they were very too clumsy and heavy. The present generation mostly likes light and gentle decoration for the living room.

While you can go for wrought iron beds and side table for your living room, you can keep few flowers in a intricately designed vas on the side table. It will add to the beauty of your living room. You can also go for pictures and paintings of various subjects, be it nature or mythology or random, on the walls of your living room to give it an aesthetic look. A grand chandelier and intricately designed lamp shades, which were mostly used earlier, can really give your living room a grand and unique look.

PostHeaderIcon Flower vases enhances the Glamour Quotient of Your Room

Home decor ideas, home decorFlower vases are a beautiful way to magnify your interior décor. A nicely arranged floral vase creates an unmatched classy appeal and also brings a fresh aura into the room. Whether you have a contemporary or a vintage décor, floral vases work wonders both ways.

You will find the flower vases in a variety of materials and designs. In regards to the vase material, you can choose from metallic vases, ceramic vases, glass vases, wood vases, clay vases and even crystal vases. When it comes to design, there are taller options for flowers with tall stems, petite and plump ones with either narrow or wide necks.
You can choose to either hang the vases (small ones) from the window or place it to highlight your stylish racks. Large floor vases are also available in a wide range of colors, shapes and designs and would be ideal when you have larger rooms with grand floor space.

PostHeaderIcon How to plan about kids room color

kids room color, home decorPlanning about the kid’s room is one of the most joyful and fun experiences. It is only in the kid’s room that you get to experiment with colors and let your imagination run free. Here are a few tips that can help you decide in the color of your kid’s room:

• Color of the kid’s room is usually decided by the gender of the kid. If you want to be different then try out colors that are gender neutral. This is will be a welcome break for those who are tired of seeing pink room for girls and blue room for boys!
• If you are bored of normal colors, then going for colorful wallpapers and paintings is a good idea. If you have a boy then go for superhero themes and if you have a girl then fairy tale characters is a good choice. Either of the way, make sure that the colors are bright and add to the feel of a kid’s room.

PostHeaderIcon Wood beams for your ceiling for that vintage touch

 ceiling decor, home decorIf you are planning on remodeling your house and are looking for new ideas to make it a little more interesting than what is previously was then why don’t you try wooden beams on your ceiling? Not only are they stylish, but also add a rustic, vintage look to your home. Nowadays having a plain white or colored ceiling just doesn’t serve the purpose rather it loses a certain zing that adds to the style of the ones who live in that house. Wallpapers have been done to death, painting the ceiling with an entirely different color than that of the walls too are passé now, and here the beams come to your rescue.

The elegance that the exposed wooden beams bring to a room are probably unparalleled. Putting them in place aren’t the herculean task that was in the past, on the contrary its quite easy, thanks to the modern goods and technologies of architecture.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to Decorate a Long Hallway for Christmas

Home decor ideas, home decorIf you are planning to decorate your hallways for Christmas and it’s a long hallway then you actually have a larger canvas to use your imagination. Make sure that your door also speaks of the kind of décor you’re trying to infuse into the house. Hang a nice wreath on the door to welcome your guests. Use a lot of Christmas fairy lights along the hallway. You can use Christmas balls and star décor items of various sizes to decorate the hallway too.

Use a lot of paper or plastic chains in colors of red and green to bring in that Christmassy feel. Hang stockings, garlands, and even mistletoes along the hallway for a traditional look. You can even put up a decorative string and hang Christmas greeting cards from family and friends to personalize the space. Felt snowflakes also make a good decorative item for hallways.

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