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PostHeaderIcon Adding a pool deck to your home

If you are planning to do something new to your home to make it beautiful and attractive as well as unique, then adding a pool deck to your home or to the pent house roof top apartment will increase the aesthetic value of your home to several times. If you invest in it then you will not only get praise from your guests, but you will also get good reselling value later on if you plan to sell off the property.

There are various ways in which you can add a pool deck to your home. The first and foremost things you need to decide is the location where you want the pool deck to come up. It is the most important thing and depending on that you should design your pool deck accordingly. Well it is not very easy and you need some expert advice to do it successfully. If done properly, then it will really impart a new direction to the beauty of your home.

PostHeaderIcon Improved home interior décor ideas

Home decor ideas, home decorDecorating your home to give it a brand new look does entail a bit of effort. However, the end result is absolutely amazing and this why are most homeowners try to give their homes a make-over once in a while. If you are thinking of giving your home an improved look, here are some ideas.

You can redecorate your home in the lines of shabby chic. Get some pieces of furniture that are mismatched but complement each other. For the walls, opt for a lighter hue and for the floors opt for hardwood or tiles. Whitewashed tables go very well with the shabby chic décor and you can get a couple of them for your home. If you want everything to have the contemporary look, go in for the modern home décor. The modern décor should have bold colors, clean lines along with metal accents. If you love more than two styles of décor, bring them together in eclectic home décor.

PostHeaderIcon How to Include Environment Friendly Accessories in Your Home

align=”left” style=”padding-right:10px”With the world going green in almost every sector, today even the government has started supporting companies which are involved in using eco friendly resources and equipment or deal with eco friendly products and construction. If you want to do your part to save the planet, then you could go for eco friendly accessories for your home. One of the best ways to use green accessories in your home is by using eco friendly furniture made of wood, bamboo and other plant base products.

Using solar powered lights is also a good idea. Renewable sources of energy are the good on the environment as they don’t harm it in any way and also are available in plenty.  You could also use wall hangings and wall decor which are made of natural materials. The drapes or curtains of the house could be made of natural fibers without the use of any kind of harmful dyes. These are also safe for your health and the environment at the same time.

PostHeaderIcon Designing Your Own Pillow Covers

Design Pillow Covers, Pillow CoversPillows are a sign of coziness and comfort. You can make your living room or your bedroom look extremely welcoming by adding pillows to the couch or the bed. In order make the pillows look their best it is important that they are dressed well and for that you need to have good pillow covers. You can either go to the market or spend a good amount on the commercial covers or just jazz up the pillow covers with a touch of your creativity.

To have a nice pillow cover in a cost effective way, all you will need are white covers that have lot of space to do some knitting. You can knit whatever design and pattern that comes to your mind and see the fantastic result. If you cannot need, get a professional as it will much cheaper than buying designer covers from the market. If you are not into knitting that much, you can always get fabric paints from the stationary shops and paint the covers.

PostHeaderIcon The Perfect Chair Seat Covers

Chair seat covers, furniture careWhen we say perfect chair seat covers, the first few criteria that come to our mind are comfort, stain resistant, machine washable and waterproof that will protect the chair. Different types of seat covers are found for different types of chairs such as kitchen chair seat covers, office chair seat covers, wedding chair covers, dining chair seat covers, seat covers for folding chairs and so on.

A plain-looking regular chair can be converted into a festive and elegant looking chair if we choose the perfect seat cover for the chair. Chair seat covers are available in various shade, size, design, texture and quality for different events and occasions. There are many ways to find the perfect seat covers for your chair. First you have to note the size of the seat cover for your chair so that the cover fits perfectly. Then you can start by searching at the home décor section of any shopping mall or order online.

PostHeaderIcon Giving your child a country inspired home décor

Home decor ideas, home decorPlanning to remodel and add a new style of decoration to your child’s room/ well, then you can go for the country inspired home décor. Children lover colors and anything that reflect vibrancy and energy, so room décor should comply with that. A room should be full of beautiful colors, beauty and energy if it is entitled to be used by a child. Country inspired decors have a lot of natural beauty and warmth that is apt for a child’s room.

First is the wall paint of the room that should be done in true country style. The walls should be painted in natural soft colors and also you can go for stained plaster look if you like the French country look. Lavender or light orange complementing the sunlight or sky can be a good option. Painting a nice sunny picture of green meadows, fields or a village kind of look will also make the room very pleasant.

PostHeaderIcon The idea of bulletin board in the kid’s room

Tips to decorate kid's room, kid's roomDecorating a kid’s room can be one of the most interesting and innovative things to do. It need not be a pain all the time and one can actually put their imaginations to play. There are no rules and one just needs to stick to the basics to get it right. Also the decorations may not always be fancy; they can have a bit of the functional edge too.

One of the nicest things that one can install in the kid’s room is a bulletin board. It can be helpful in a lot of ways. One may imbibe a habit of clipping on favourite paintings or poems of the kid. This will help the kid get more confidence and be more interested to produce more. Also one can have various little quotes attached to them to make sure that the kid grows up reading them and getting inspired by them.

PostHeaderIcon Give your kitchen an island décor theme

Kitchen decor tips, kitchenKitchen is an integral part of your home and the homemaker has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Do you want to give a new look to the heart of your house that is the kitchen where you enjoy while you perform your culinary skills. Give a specific theme look that can revitalize the look and your mood while you are in your kitchen place. Island décor is an exciting theme which would make your kitchen come to life. Here are some of the tips that you can implement to give that coastal island theme to your kitchen.

• Paint it with colors like sea blue or white.
• Arrange for coastal accessory to hand in one part of the wall
• Set a seaside inspired table along with sea colored linens.
• Get dinner set that has prints of shells, sea crabs or anything that reminds you of a beach.

PostHeaderIcon Roll up bamboo shades: why is a good decor item?

Roll up bamboo shades, home decor tipsBamboo roll up window shades provide a perfect decorative old touch to your home with its natural texture. Though there are plenty of other materials available but it comes cheap. These days bamboo shades are high on demand, they are dried up and woven together with a rope that is what we call as bamboo roll up shade. But if you’re looking for old world style, then search for the handmade ones. They enhance the old- rugged theme of your home. And they need no difficulty in care and maintenance. What they need is regular cleaning up to keep dirt free, so you see it comes cheap too.

If in case you tend to damage them, it lets you go for easy installation that can be done alone and there is no need of buying full new sets. So, it definitely saves money. These days they even provide cost effective cooling and heating devices. They are available in different colours, designs and varieties. So add that perfect rugged-bamboo touch to your living room.

PostHeaderIcon An account on how different shapes of couches are for different room sizes

shapes of couches, room decorCouches and sofas are common in almost every house. Depending on the size and ambience of your room, you can select from a range of sitting arrangements. Couches are usually made with arm support and backrest for absolute comfort. Different types of couches are love seat, sectionals and bean bag couches. Love seats have 44”-48” of seating space in between the arms, meant for two people to sit comfortably whereas usual couches have a seating space of 66”. For a large living room, sectionals are best as they provide adequate seating space for the whole family. For smaller apartments, love seat combo and those without armrests are appropriate.

For an afternoon relaxation area in your bedroom, leather couches with soft fabric are good where you can take a power nap. Bean bags are ideal for the living room that is often used for parties. People can sit comfortably and sip on a drink without having to bother about another person pushing for space.

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