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PostHeaderIcon Save Space with a Retractable Screen Door

The usage of retractable screen door has become really popular these days. This is due to the manifold benefits these screens come equipped with. You can use these screens for saving space in garages, patios, sliding glass doors, front doors, French doors and a lot more. These screens are simply great. The most important advantage with these screens is that you can be able to save a lot of space.

In case, you have a screen that is of a special size, you can use it for many other purposes. These can also be customized and made in a fashion to perfectly fit in to your specifications. This is not all. You can also choose your screen color. There are choices for screens with UV protection feature, pet damage resistance, bug filtering etc. You can choose from a huge variety available on market these days. There are several model and patterns to choose from.

PostHeaderIcon Home furnishing, an important phase after shifting

Are you shifting to a bigger and better house next week? Well, that is great news indeed. However, one really important thing that you will need to keep in mind while you are shifting is the furnishing of your new home. Furnishing and decorating your new home properly will make it a better place to live in.

For the living room of your new home opt for attractive furnishing with a complementary color scheme. Choosing living room furniture in keeping with the color scheme of the room will build up a positive impact. Leather furniture is a wonderful option for your living room. Place a beautiful lamp beside your entertainment furniture.

As for your bedroom, comfort should be the last word. Opt for implementing a color scheme for your bedroom. There is a wide array of great bedroom furniture that you can take your pick from. You can hire a modern furnishing expert who will give you valuable advice on how to furnish your new home well.

PostHeaderIcon Furnish your bedroom with stylish and luxurious curtains

Are you planning to redo your bedroom? If you are then try to furnish your bedroom with beautiful curtains. Stylish curtains look great and can add a different look to your bedroom. The most important function of curtains is to cut off the extra light and this is very important in a bedroom.

Curtains in wonderful colors are nothing less than inspirational pieces of bedroom décor and they can become the focal point of your bedroom, if you do it right. To enhance the decorative trait of the curtains, you can alter the shape, hue, fabric and stitching pattern of your bedroom curtains.

After you select the color of your curtains, choose bedroom items that will go with the curtains. Repeat the color of the curtains at least thrice in the bedroom. This will provide balance to the bedroom design. Choose wall paints that will go well with the curtains. You can go in for jewel tones for the walls. This will enhance the overall beauty of the curtains.

PostHeaderIcon Chinese carpets: simply amazing for lounge

Are you scouting furnishings for the lounge area? If yes, then you definitely ought to consider buying an Oriental carpet. These carpets have been an extremely popular option to accentuate the home décor for a long time now. The reason being the exquisite elegance it lends to any living area. A Chinese carpet can create a feeling of warmth and intimacy, a must for any lounge. What’s more, these carpets blend well with any kind of décor style. In fact, some people select their furniture & décor based on the carpet.

They are available in a range of colors and designs. Choose a color that matches with your room décor. A wool carpet has the wondrous effect of adding moisture to dry rooms and absorbs moisture from humid spaces. It is also believed that they help lower the noise level in the room. It is a practical option as well because Oriental carpets can be maintained easily.

PostHeaderIcon Furnish the dining area with beaded curtains

The right choice of curtains is an important component of your home décor. When furnishing your dining room, a great option that you must consider is beaded curtains. They act as amazingly great room dividers, in case your dining space is adjoining to the living area or kitchen. Or you can even get them to fit the windows and doors. If you are going for an Asian style décor or bohemian look, you must go for a beaded curtain.

Bead curtains are available in a number of colors, sizes, shapes and motifs. Also, you will find beads made of glass, wood, plastic, acrylic, crystals, bamboo or gemstones. So, you will definitely not be limited with choices that perfectly match your room décor. It is a relatively inexpensive and amazingly beautiful way to deck up the dining room. For those creatively inclined, you can also design and make your own beaded curtains by spending little effort.

PostHeaderIcon Give a new look to your furniture with matching cushions

Are your furniture looking old and worn out? Well, there is an easy way to give your furniture a brand new look without spending a lot of money. And that easy way out are furniture cushions. Cushions are really important for your outdoor furniture like patio and deck. Be it your first cushions or replacement cushions there are a few things you need to keep in mind while selecting cushions for your outdoor furniture.

You must be careful about the color of your cushions. The color of your patio cushions and patio umbrella should match. Since the cushions will be kept outdoors opt for fabrics that are resistant to stain, soil and water.

Opt for cushions with layered poly fiber fillers inside. It is resilient and dries easily. Stay away from foam cushions. Opt for either the French edged cushions or the knife edged ones. Decide what you like best, the sewn button style or the tufted button style.

PostHeaderIcon Sleep in a luxurious water bed

The ancient single large bladder waterbeds filled with garden hose pipes is a passé. Waterbeds are now available in various forms depending on your sleeping needs and bodyweight. Some people like floating in the waterbed, however there are “wave-less” options available too for those do not like rolling on the waves. The classic sleep-perfect waterbed is not only wave-less but also adjusts to the shape of the body and gives you the firmest back support. It has absolutely nil moving rates that combine water and batting to give you a sound sleep.

Then there are the Stroble waterbeds which are available in single, king and queen sizes. It has thermostat controls and lumbar region support feature. Also, there is a land and sky waterbed which has lightweight cylinders of shallow fill design to provide you the right body alignment for a sound sleep. If you are a person who sleeps on your side ensure you purchase a durable waterbed as all your bodyweight falls on a smaller portion of the waterbed causing more pressure points.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate your windows with colorful blinds

The age old technique of hanging curtains on the windows is passé. Vertical or horizontal blinds come in an array of colors and style. Materials like vinyl, metal, wood can be used if your room is prone to dust but to give a refined look, fabric blinds are great if blended in with the decor. If your house has wide-sized windows and doors then the vertical blinds should be the clear choice as it has the power to control the amount of sunlight coming inside the room.

When choosing the color for the blinds, select a color that is in sync with the wall and décor color of the room. Ideally choose a neutral color like cream, off-white or beige as it complements any décor. Vertical blinds come in various forms, like a narrow or wide one. Narrow slants suit a smaller room better and for large room’s wider slants work best. Colorful Blinds also come with remote control features to open and close them while relaxing in your bed /sofa but determine if you require a left, right or split draw control.

PostHeaderIcon Furnish lounge with comfortable sofas

Creating a lounge in the house is a great idea. And the best thing about a lounge is that you can create it in just about any area in your house. Lounges are way less formal than a living area and your pals will love hanging out and relaxing in your lounge. However, decorating the lounge is an important consideration and you have to make sure that the area looks elegant.

The seating arrangement is the most important part of decorating the lounge and you just cannot go wrong with it. Opt for sectional seating with comfortable sofas that are low to the ground. Having an ottoman in front of the sofa is a wonderful idea.

Coming to the color of the sofa, try out something different. Red, purple or yellow colored sofas will look great. If the lounge is closed from the other parts of the house opt for sofas in some daring colors. Bold colors like chocolate brown or turquoise will work wonders for your lounge.

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