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PostHeaderIcon Painting up your kitchen space

kitchen spaceYour kitchen is one of the most frequented spaces in your home. Whether you have a traditional kitchen or the trendy open kitchen format accompanied by dining- you need to ensure an inviting atmosphere inside. Painting up is the elementary step while you are refurbishing a kitchen and there are a lot of color options when it comes to kitchen walls. Are you too planning to color up your culinary chamber lately? Well, the article here is a short brief on the right colors for kitchen.

First of all, you can count on yellow as your kitchen color. Yellow brings in a cheery mood which will ensure no dull moment while you are busy preparing the dinner for hours in the kitchen. Moreover, the color looks and will nicely contrast with your wooden cabinets. The good part is that yellow will match irrespective of kitchen size. Now, it’s to note here that the size of your kitchen is an essential factor while determining the paint color. Dark colors are a strict no for small kitchens since these shades can heat up the kitchen ambience making it really hectic to work there. For example, you must steer clear of warm hues like orange or red if you have a small kitchen.

However, red and orange would be nice for comparatively bigger kitchens. You can create a classy contrast teaming up crimson with white- the contrast would look perfect for kitchens with metal cabinets. Other than red & white, olive green & yellow will also work as a smart contrast for the kitchen. Besides, you can even pair up yellow and brown for your kitchen chamber. Then, another nice contrast of colors for your kitchen would be grey and white- Paint up the focal wall with grey and white wash the others.

PostHeaderIcon Add flair to your kitchen with bakers racks

To add a bit of color to your kitchen a bakers rack is probably what would suit your needs. It is the kind of kitchen décor that has been in use since decades and are still in fashion. A baker’s rack is also used as a space for extra storage which can also brighten up the corners thereby saving space. If you want to look at the variety there are plenty, hand painted, amazing designs and some include portraits of flowers too. Overall it’s very appealing to have a bakers rack to add flair in a kitchen.

When it comes to usage, you can store in pots, pans and some of your utensils too. Besides, it has features like drawers for fitting in kitchen appliances, there are metal shelves that could be adjusted according to your requirement. It also comes with a cantilevered shelf on the top to hold other items too.

PostHeaderIcon How to take care of your kitchen appliances

Are you planning to clean up your kitchen appliances this weekend? Surely the kitchen appliances tend to get dirty with continuous exposure to heat and oil and here are some tips on how to take care of them.

Firstly, always go for a regular wash just after the use. When you have heavy grease build up on the oven door, use white vinegar on it and keep it like that for fifteen minutes. Wipe it off with a clean damp rag. To clean up the fridge shelves and walls, a solution of water and vinegar (in equal proportion) would be very effective.

Vinegar is a good solution too if you have a soap scum build-up on dishwasher. Make sure to cover your appliances like oven and dishwasher with a clean cover when not in use. However, it’s good if you can consult the domestic cleaners occasionally for a professional service.

PostHeaderIcon Modern kitchen appliances for an enjoyable kitchen experience

Are you redoing your kitchen and want to give it a trendy look? In that case, purchase some modern kitchen appliances. The modern kitchen appliances have varied sleek designs and will complement your contemporary kitchen décor really well. Almost all modern kitchen appliances use smart, innovative and latest technology like electronic sensors and microprocessors and this makes cooking a truly amazing experience. The innovative refrigerators that have pull-out drawers have gained tremendous popularity off late.

For your modern, high end kitchen you can use kitchen appliances that are of commercial grade and have been styled commercially. The kitchen appliances are designed essentially to reduce human effort and getting the appliances with the most recent technology means that you will require to put in the minimum effort. The most common kitchen appliances that you will need in your kitchen are ovens, ranges, cook tops, refrigerators, freezer, dishwasher, disposal units and trash compactors.

PostHeaderIcon How to clean a kitchen sink

Your kitchen sink can become dirty easily. If you do not clean your sink regularly it will spread germs in your home. Use white vinegar to remove odours and keep your sink shiny. You can also use baking soda or lemon to remove smells.

When cleaning your sink, remove all the dishes. Cut the lemon in two halves and sprinkle baking soda on both the open parts. Scrub the stains on the sink with the lemon halves. Use baking soda again if required. To get rid of the odours and clogs pour a cup of baking soda and then vinegar down the drain. Take a sponge and soak it in undiluted vinegar. Use this to disinfect the sink and make it shiny.

To disinfect the faucet spray a mixture of vinegar and water. Dry the faucet with a dry cloth and buff it with a paper towel to make it shiny. Repeat the above processes at least once a week to keep your sink germ free.

PostHeaderIcon Things to look for while purchasing wooden kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, especially the wooden ones, have always been the most essential décor of every kitchen, be it traditional or modern. The last thing you would want is mismatched accessories and cabinets spoiling the ambience of your wonderful cooking zone. Therefore, you should be very cautious while getting hold of wooden kitchen cabinets. Always opt for Cherry or Mahogany wood, as they tend to last for a long time. Even Oak wood is quite popular these days.

Do not procure something which is very bulky or voluminous, and occupies a lot of space. It would be very difficult to move such cabinets, if it is required to. Also, do not purchase wooden products from unknown or local sources. It may save you some dollars, but in the long run, the maintenance cost will burn a hole in the pocket. Since it’s a long term investment, you should only opt for branded wooden cabinets.

PostHeaderIcon Things to know about kitchen shelves.

The most difficult place to organize in our homes is the kitchen. Without proper kitchen shelving solution, it’s practically very difficult to arrange everything in order. But, thankfully, there are a variety of options available in the market today to choose from. If you are a wood lover, go for sliding wooden shelves. These make the storage much easier and make it convenient to arrange things as it can be pulled out easily. With the kitchen shelves it becomes very easy for the person to locate things and complete the work in least possible time.

Other than wood, we can go for cubistic shelving system. The advantage of these shelves is that as it is made up of polypropylene it is convenient to fit it in the available space. Another option is laundry room organizer which can be used both in kitchen as well as bedroom because of its attractive design.

PostHeaderIcon Simple and low cost ways for decorating kitchen

Given the kind of time and effort spent in the kitchen area, it is important that the space looks not just perfectly clean but beautiful as well. Not everyone can afford to spend on fancy accessories and expensive décor items. Here are some simple and cost effective ways to decorate the kitchen. Use interesting colors or wallpapers to spruce up the kitchen walls. Instead of expensive cabinets, liven up the storage racks with bright paint colors or elegant laminate covering.

Brighten up the room by using nice canisters and cute jars for storing food items. Place small potted plants or flower vases by the window. Arrange the fruit bowls and vegetable baskets in an attractive manner. Showcase the fancy glassware and crockery in an open or glass door cabinet. Mount bright & colorful pictures of delicious food or flowers on the wall. You can also find pretty kitchen souvenirs that can be stuck on the cabinets or appliances.

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