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PostHeaderIcon Learn to build stairs for your shed

Build stairs for shed, stairsIf you have a shed of your own and you want it to be more productive and accessible, then installing a staircase is probably a good idea. It is a tough job and if you want to do it yourself, then, make sure that you have plenty of time and patience on your hands. First of all, make sure that you have a blueprint plan ready. You can take help of a constructor or carpenter to create a basic idea.

Once that is done, make sure that you have a complete idea about the amount of space your have for the staircase. Also you need to make sure that the upper floor can stay afloat with enough support if you create a staircase. The materials which you buy should be from a good company. Buy a DIY shed staircase booklet. Also you can look up the instructions online and in home improvement magazines.

PostHeaderIcon Installing stair rails

Tips for installing stair rails, stairsRailings are very important for the stairs. They provide with support and security. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of the proper installation of the railings in order keep it safe. The installation of the railings should be done throughout the entire length of the stairs. You have to make the railing continuous until the point of landing whether it is of a spiral style, two directional or running in a single direction.

It is also a good option to get the handrail extended by some extra inches more from the step at the bottom of the stairs so that extra support can be provided for the stairs that are descending. You can keep it curved or straight according to the style of the staircase you are working on. In order to keep its safe, make the end point rounded. If you want to make it sturdier, you can install posts where the rail ends.

PostHeaderIcon Tips for decorating the staircase

It is usually very difficult to decorate staircases as they have broad and tall walls. There also might be odd nooks at the top of the staircase which serves no function hence, it is best to target those nooks and expansive wall space of the staircase for decoration and hanging artwork antique pieces which don’t go well in other areas of the house.

While decorating the staircase, always use your favorite photos which have a theme like travel or nature and hand them at an angle to the staircase. Prefer hanging horizontal paintings since, the staircase wall space is expansive. Small vases or statues can be exhibited on the landing wall.

Ample space in the staircase area can be used to create a storage space. Also fill the extensions at the top of the stairs with a small table flower vase or plants and if there is space left above the table hang a mirror that reflects natural light thereby, giving an illusion of a window.

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