PostHeaderIcon Combating The Problem Of Pests In Your Garden

pest controlThe busy schedules of the people nowadays make it impossible for them to take care of their otherwise well-maintained gardens. The end result of this is that their gardens are attacked by nasty pests. If you have a gorgeous garden then you should take an initiative to control the pests suitably.

Most of the people use chemical pesticides to combat the problem of pests in their garden because these pesticides have a faster effect on the pests. But in the long run the chemical pesticides turn out to be harmful. So you can use organic pesticides such as pyrethrum, neem etc. in your garden.

Never practice monoculture in your garden. Planting different plant species in your garden is a must. If possible invest in insects like lady bugs, lacewings etc which regard the garden pests as their food. Along with all this maintain the general cleanliness of the garden and your garden will surely be free from pests forever.

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