PostHeaderIcon Decorate your windows with colorful blinds

The age old technique of hanging curtains on the windows is passé. Vertical or horizontal blinds come in an array of colors and style. Materials like vinyl, metal, wood can be used if your room is prone to dust but to give a refined look, fabric blinds are great if blended in with the decor. If your house has wide-sized windows and doors then the vertical blinds should be the clear choice as it has the power to control the amount of sunlight coming inside the room.

When choosing the color for the blinds, select a color that is in sync with the wall and décor color of the room. Ideally choose a neutral color like cream, off-white or beige as it complements any décor. Vertical blinds come in various forms, like a narrow or wide one. Narrow slants suit a smaller room better and for large room’s wider slants work best. Colorful Blinds also come with remote control features to open and close them while relaxing in your bed /sofa but determine if you require a left, right or split draw control.

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