PostHeaderIcon Decorating Trends through the Decades

Decorating trends are ever changing. With the passage of time, preferences of people change. You must have noticed that there have been many changes in the area of home décor in the last few decades. During the sixties, the preferred colors were orange, pink and bright greens. Sleek curves for furniture and light fixtures in spherical shape were more dominant.

The advent of seventies also brought the fashion of earthy tones such as brown, yellow, green, orange etc. The eighties color format was very bright and flashy. The preferred colors were hot pinks, blues, greens, oranges etc. The era of nineties had a feminine touch to it. Neutral colors such as lilac and mustard- yellows were famous for home décor. Today, les is more when it comes to home décor. You would see a mixture of bright and mellowed tones for home decoration these days. People also like to combine modernity with tradition to come up with unique looks.

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