PostHeaderIcon Difference between curtains and draperies

In most of cases people tend to think that there is no difference between draperies and curtains but the actual fact is otherwise. Let’s make a distinction between them. Whenever we use fabrics to cover doors and windows then it is called curtain. These types of fabrics are light, casual and are capable of passing light and air and there are no lined textures in curtain fabrics.

But the fabrics of draperies are heavy, and it has decorative patterns in its front and lined textures in its back. Where the curtain fabrics are of different prints and colors, the look of draperies clothes are generally formal with pastel shades and they don’t represent large varieties also.

The transparency of draperies is thicker than curtains because draperies are used for home decors only. In spite of these differences between curtains and draperies in most of the households both of these are combined together to reflect a unique look and this trend has been gaining rapid enthusiasm among interior decorators and common people all over the universe.

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