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lamp shade, room decorLamp shades are a great way to enhance the beauty of your room and create an amazing ambience. You will find a plethora of options while choosing a lamp shade. From the regular glass ones to the vintage shades, the options will spellbind you. Some very unique designed mini lamp shades are available as well. You just need to choose the appropriate lamp shade that will go with the theme and décor of your room.

Selecting the right lamp shade will make a huge difference to your room. While choosing a lamp shade, you must take care of the size and style. The lamp shade shape should go with the base of the lamp. If you wish to have a standing lamp shade on a square table, go for a square shade. If you wish to grab attention, opaque lamp shades are apt while translucent lamp shades are great for reading lamps. So, transform a simple room into a beautiful one with lamp shades.

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