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Types of bathroom tub, Bathroom TubEverything does not come with trials, so while going with bath tub options, more or less your bathing comfort is at stake and it’s your instincts that you need to follow to get the right one and need to make sure that they come within your budget. Well options are quite some:

Walk-In-Bath Tubs: Clarke Tubs comes with Therapeutic Message option along with LED lighting option, to give a colourful bathing an experience. Vita Tubs Comes with the GLO-Lighting system while Soaker Tubs are simple ones among the lot.
Cast-Iron Tubs: They are with the retro look; they come simple with Victorian style and claw-feet and also offer you good longevity advantage. They have no new to give.
Corner Bath Tubs: Duravit and Maax are there to offer you bath tub experience even in your small bathroom where space is a problem. Well these are few to mention, there are a large collection that are quite optimised for your preferences.

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