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bathroom decorAfter the hard days work a bubble bath in your own bathroom sounds like the ultimate comfortable thing. The kind of relaxation which the bathroom gives no other room in the house gives. So it is important for you to make sure this place is not all dirty and doesn’t put you off at the end of the day. If you want to give a complete new look to the bathroom by changing the flooring or wall tiles it may result in a long bill which may seem heavy on your pocket.

One new idea can be making the bathroom look as fresh as your garden. Now that we have agreed on not overspending instead of painting grass and flowers on the bathroom walls and using new tiles with grass and plants on them we could easily do with wallpapers having this same kind of design. Wallpapers which have flowers plants and grass painted on it can be rolled on the walls of the bathroom and the ceiling can be decorated with colourful blossoms. Vegetable clings and flower clings would work very well with the kind of look we’re aiming to create. Little flower pots can be bought and used to put in the toiletries to complete the look.

Pepping up the look of your toilet by adding a funky coloured covering seat sounds like a good idea. You could also go ahead and buy a new seat keeping in mind the style and comfort of the former. Toilet seats are not very expensive hence it would not be much of a pocket pinch for you also.

The shower curtain is another accessory that could change the looks repeatedly. Dark shades of black and purple can be used to portray a dark mood. Red can be used when in a sensual mood and so on.

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