PostHeaderIcon Finding an alternative to toilet paper

What are organic shingles? People in the western countries use toilet papers after defecating but that is not the norm in all parts of the world. Toilet papers can be substituted and for your information, it can be done so with a hygienic alternative. It hardly makes sense to wipe you’re your buttocks with a toilet paper and kill a tree for doing so.

It is a wonder to the people of the east how the western people keep their buttocks clean by just wiping them up with a piece of paper. The best alternative to a toilet paper is water. If you want to make sure that there is not a speck of “waste” around the area, you have to use water. A lot of countries use sprinklers for this purpose. There is some high tech commodes that can automatically wipe the buttocks after you have taken your dump. Therefore, finding a good alternative to toilet papers is very important.

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