PostHeaderIcon Guidelines to maintain your cork flooring

The whole point of having cork flooring is that they are easy to maintain and are affordable. Here are a few easy and useful tips for maintenance.

The most important thing here is that you will need to be regular in cleaning the floor. You can either vacuum or sweep the floor once in a week at least. Cork flooring tends to accumulate dust at the corners, so you need to give special attention over there.

Always remember to damp mop the floor. Never use too much water that might sip in the flooring. While damp mopping use a PH balanced detergent or a mild soap. So not use products that might have corrosive agents or some abrasive. Avoid using oil or ammonia based cleaners. The best practice would be to use the cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, make sure you free the floor from abrasives like sand or small pieces of stone before you start mopping.

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