PostHeaderIcon How to Budget For Your Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom decor, bedroomAre you tired with the same old look of your bedroom and are dying to bring about a positive change? The method is simple. Use the right elements to change the décor of your bedroom to give it a complete makeover. Giving a room a makeover doesn’t always have to mean that you have to spend a lot. The trick is to use your imagination to use what you have in a different manner. First of all, change the look of the walls. You don’t have to go for expensive paint. Instead you could get good and cheap wallpaper and decorate the room. Go for patterned walls on 3 walls and choose plain wallpaper on one.

Use plain bed sheets and patterned pillow cases for a glam look. For the lighting you could try using fairy lights. They give a warm and welcoming feel to the room. You can also use glass bottles and hang them in front of your window, entwined with fairy lights. Use hanging flowering plants and a cute rug to complete the look.

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