PostHeaderIcon How to plan about kids room color

kids room color, home decorPlanning about the kid’s room is one of the most joyful and fun experiences. It is only in the kid’s room that you get to experiment with colors and let your imagination run free. Here are a few tips that can help you decide in the color of your kid’s room:

• Color of the kid’s room is usually decided by the gender of the kid. If you want to be different then try out colors that are gender neutral. This is will be a welcome break for those who are tired of seeing pink room for girls and blue room for boys!
• If you are bored of normal colors, then going for colorful wallpapers and paintings is a good idea. If you have a boy then go for superhero themes and if you have a girl then fairy tale characters is a good choice. Either of the way, make sure that the colors are bright and add to the feel of a kid’s room.

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