PostHeaderIcon How to take care of your favorite cushions

Your cushions are a part of your comfortable life, and so, you cannot let them be spoilt because of mere carelessness.

The fabric of the cushions is specially prepared before they are placed in the markets. They undergo a lot of procedure so that the fabric stays protected. This leads you to fewer worries, but still you have your role to play. Periodically cleaning your cushions with vacuum will help your cushions look new. The spots and spills on the cushion should be taken care of immediately by blotting it gently with soft folded cloth.

To increase the life of your cushions, turn it over regularly so that the fluffiness is balanced. Avoid positions where it comes under direct sunlight for long period of time. Make sure you have proper ventilations where the cushions are placed as it can wither due to smoke and heat, and also ventilation will help keep away from odors as cushions absorb odors easily. These steps will help preserve your favorite cushions.

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