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Lighting Options for GaragesThe garage is usually one of the most neglected areas of the home, a place to spend time and just do not pay attention, especially in relation to the lighting, which is a big failure.

What You Need To Know:

Small Garages: be sufficient to install fluorescent tubes on the ceiling.
Large Garages: can place points of light in different areas to cover as much as possible.
Sensors mobility: the lights will automatically turn on and will not have to leave the car.

It’s not common to find a house that has a garage with natural light and ventilation. Most are small rooms, underground, no windows to the outside. Therefore it is usually very dark and damp places that need artificial lighting.

Illuminate a small garage

In case you have a small garage , it is normal to think that as we only use the few minutes it will take to park or leave our vehicle, not worth paying attention to lighting, but we were wrong . One of the most common practices is to place a bulb in the center of the room, which is limited to light the roof of the car and that is a big mistake because it does not allow proper visibility when parking the vehicle properly. In this type of garages is recommended to use fluorescent tubes, which can be placed in the ceiling or walls. It besides not consume in excess, will give proper light and more than enough. The best option is to place sensors mobility, that make the lights turn on automatically by sensing the vehicle, and that will prevent us having to turn the light out for ourselves.

Lighting for large garages

When the garage is large enough, we often also use it to store bicycles and Gizmos that do not use regularly, or even as a place to hold small DIY tasks. In these cases the lighting should still receive more attention. As in the previous case, we can put on the roof tubes in the area where it will be parked our car, with sensors mobility, enough to light up when parking. We can supplement the light with a specific lighting in areas that are dedicated to other uses by placing light bulbs or bulbs. These places need not have sensors, because we can flip a switch and avoid unnecessary consumption. We must not forget that proper lighting can avoid unnecessary mishaps that can damage our car or ourselves.

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