PostHeaderIcon Mixing old and new ideas for a grand living room décor

living room decor, home decorIf you are searching for a proper décor for your living room, then you should both the old and new ideas for interior decoration. The people now days don’t really take in to account the old home decorating ideas because they were very too clumsy and heavy. The present generation mostly likes light and gentle decoration for the living room.

While you can go for wrought iron beds and side table for your living room, you can keep few flowers in a intricately designed vas on the side table. It will add to the beauty of your living room. You can also go for pictures and paintings of various subjects, be it nature or mythology or random, on the walls of your living room to give it an aesthetic look. A grand chandelier and intricately designed lamp shades, which were mostly used earlier, can really give your living room a grand and unique look.

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