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Poor drainage systemWhen you shift to a new house it’s important to consult an experienced landlord and interrogate him if there are any drainage issues in the locality or the house in particular. If there are and the house is a good bargain it will be in the best of interests to get it resolved before the shifting period. A bad drainage system causes a lot of uncalled for problems and may seem to be a pain in the future. Improper drainage facility means that water can penetrate in places it should not be getting into leading to the weakening of places leading to the collapse of houses.

Drainage problems are not only common with new home owners but also with those whose houses are getting old. The pipes might get old and start to wear off in case of pipes which are of not that great a material. Water drainage problems may cause the water to collect wither on top of the roof, in between the vertical walls or in the foundations beneath the houses. In all the 3 cases it will lead to a disaster. If the water is collecting on top of the roof, some of that water might seep into the walls causing mildew and moulds. This leads to the deterioration in the quality of air and environment around the house.

If there is clogging near the foundation of the house, it too puts the whole property at stake. Steps should be taken to make sure this clogged water gets an outlet to flow outside in the garden. Steps should also be taken so that this water does not form a pool of stagnant water in the garden. This leads to the breeding of various viruses, germs and bacteria making your house susceptible to disease.
Hence it’s important to enable a proper drainage system for safe and healthy residence.

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