PostHeaderIcon Powdery Mildew: More than a Mere Dusting

Powdery Mildew is not mere dust. It has a camouflage system, which makes it looks similar to dust particles, but in reality Powdery Mildew are living organisms. They are nothing but fungi that accumulates on your walls, floors and over the plants inside your house, where ever they find moisture. The best way to avoid them is to stop the accumulation of moisture in your house thus keeping it dry and clean.

Powdery mildew not only makes your walls and interior decoration look hideous and dirty but they are also extremely harmful for plants. Hence, the best option is to apply fungicide where ever you find any accumulation of powdery mildew in your house. Mere dusting will never help in deterring the accumulation of these loathsome elements.Fungicides should be applied on plants and along with that, regular cleaning should be maintained in order to stop the organism from spreading in your house.

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