PostHeaderIcon Renovate your dining table using paints

Do you need to replace the old dining table in your kitchen but cannot do it because you are on a tight budget? If that is the case, here is some good news. You can actually renovate your dining table without burning a hole in your pocket. Salvage your old dining table by using paint to renovate it.

To give your dining table a chic appearances use two different colors of paints. First use sand paper to clean the table and even out the scratches. Then with some elbow grease remove the stains. Paint the tabletop with some natural color like tan, beige or brown. And for the legs opt for a darker shade like red or blue.

If you don’t like the idea of two colors just add a fresh coat to your table to give it a brand new look. Opt for a color that is already in your kitchen but is not prominent. You can use stencils to add fun designs to your dining table. Your kids will love it.

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