PostHeaderIcon Should You Damp Proof or Water Proof Your Basement??

Water Proof Your BasementThere are a variety of ways in which you can make the foundation of your house quite strong, so that you can live in a safe house which gives you the maximum protection. In order to improve the foundation of your house you can choose between damp proofing and water proofing so as to minimize the amount of moisture in your building. Both dam proofing and water proofing serve the same purpose but there is a wide difference between the two. It depends on the location that your house id situated in. Here is detailed information of the two types.

They are for the same purpose but damp proofing is done with the help of tar base or water base where water proofing is done with the help of a rubber layer that prevents water from entering. Damp proofing is far less costly than water proofing. It uses tar or a solvent or water as the base to prevent the water from entering the foundation of your house. Thus its results might be temporary in some cases. If you live in a low-lying area and you think that damp proofing will work out then you may find that cracks and crevices have started taking place. If the sealer becomes dry then you can have such problem within a span of say eight to nine months only. It is but helpful in stopping the water vapor transmission.

Water proofing has many benefits. A thin layer of rubber sealer is applied to the desired area and completely prevents the seeping of water. Unlike damp proofing it absorbs the moisture completely. It does not allow cracks and stretches accordingly to absorb. It is a very effective method to keep the basement dry and hence increase the strength of your foundation. It is also an environment friendly method.

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