PostHeaderIcon The Maintenance Required For a Wooden Floor

Tips to maintain wooden floor, floor maintenancePeople without actually knowing the specific process of maintain a wooden floor use lots of chemicals or solutions in order to clean in properly which might have some harmful effects on the wooden floor or many a times can even damage it. Vinegar which is used by a lot of people in order to clean and maintains their wooden floor is actually acidic in nature and if you keep on using it, it will give you some very negative results that is that slowly it will eat away at the wax coating, or oil, or poly coating, whatever material is used on your floor to seal it with.

Vinegar acts perfectly well if your floor is made of no-wax linoleum or even ceramic but using vinegar on wooden floors is a big no no’s! If you have installed new floors made of wood then use cleaning and maintaining products which are recommended in the market or you can also search the internet where you will get relevant information.

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