PostHeaderIcon Tips for decorating the staircase

It is usually very difficult to decorate staircases as they have broad and tall walls. There also might be odd nooks at the top of the staircase which serves no function hence, it is best to target those nooks and expansive wall space of the staircase for decoration and hanging artwork antique pieces which don’t go well in other areas of the house.

While decorating the staircase, always use your favorite photos which have a theme like travel or nature and hand them at an angle to the staircase. Prefer hanging horizontal paintings since, the staircase wall space is expansive. Small vases or statues can be exhibited on the landing wall.

Ample space in the staircase area can be used to create a storage space. Also fill the extensions at the top of the stairs with a small table flower vase or plants and if there is space left above the table hang a mirror that reflects natural light thereby, giving an illusion of a window.

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